Letters To The Editor

Haleiwa hubbub

I read with interest the comments made by Bob Jones in his June 27 column regarding the Haleiwa Farmers Market. I have had some limited dealings with the two operators, Annie Suite and Pamela Boyer. Annie operated under less than honest methods in an attempt to manipulate my organization’s liability insurance to her benefit. It was offered to cover the market participants who are members of our organization. She circumvented my office and went directly to my agent where she requested that my insurance agent change the certificate to her advantage without my authorization. I find this move to be unethical, and in my opinion less than legal. When we cancelled the certificate, she called me begging us to reconsider.

Pamela and Annie had an opportunity to look into several other sites, one of which was the Lilioukalani Protestant Church in the center of Haleiwa Town. The church mentioned to me that the two operators were not willing to adjust their schedule so that it did not conflict with the Sunday services.

Consequently, that site would not be a fit for the Market. Mr. Jones was spot on when he noted that they not only had ample notice from the state DOT, but were finicky about the options open to them for relocation. Instead, they held meetings with the vendors, inciting them to protest to any government official who would listen, picket the site, and loudly protest their relocation. It was a “my way or the highway” approach to the problem. Their pathetic appeal on TV noted that the farmers would certainly go out of business without this particular market available to them, of course, at that same exact location.

They seemed to overlook the marketing opportunities available at the Waialua Farmers Market, the Kahuku Farmers Market, or the Sunset Beach Elementary Saturday market – where all of these vendors came from originally.

Kudos to Mr. Jones for reading the situation exactly right.

Nancy Calhoun

What loophole?

I agree with Dan Boylan’s column “Bogus Ploy to Discredit Cayetano.” Pacific Resource Partnership is spending unlimited money to twist what is campaign spending law into what they call a loophole, but there is no loophole, only the law. Gov. Cayetano followed the law exactly as it was written and no one in his campaign was ever accused of misconduct or fined by the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission. PRP instead suggests doing something that is illegal, stating that Cayetano (should have) kept his old campaign account open, something that is simply not allowed if he is not going to run again. There are other elected officials, including Rep. Mazie Hirono, who did exactly the same thing as Gov. Cayetano. PRP has not said a word about them.

Pam Smith
Ewa Beach

Constitution OK

How amusing that Bob Jones believes we should rewrite the Constitution because it contains “ancient words.” Is that some “ancient” language like that of Chaucer?

Has he not heard of The Federalist Papers, a series of essays by Hamilton, Adams and John Jay? According to historian Richard B. Morris, they are an “incomparable exposition of the Constitution, a classic in political science unsurpassed in both breadth and depth by the product of any later American writer.”

If high school students are able to study and understand the Constitution, the problem lies with those who seek to obscure and manipulate the plain language in order to conform it to their own “progressive” notions. Indeed, the Supreme Court has aroused the citizenry by its tangled justifications and abuse of common sense in some of its controversial decisions like Roe v. Wade. Federal judges would not be forced “to interpret ancient language” if the Left was not trying to bypass the people’s legislatures.

Carol R. White