Letters To The Editor

Shale isn’t oil

In his letter “U.S. oil,” James Prickett includes oil shale in the “technically recoverable” oil reserves of the U.S. Oil shale does indeed contain large quantities of oil-like hydrocarbons, but it is in solid rather than liquid form, so requires use of very expensive and environmentally damaging procedures to mine it and process it into usable liquid oil.

Consequently, it is not usually counted as part of our oil reserves. If we become desperate enough we can of course exploit oil shale, but at very high economic and environmental cost, which is why President Obama’s policy of developing alternative energy sources before we run out of economically recoverable oil deserves support.

Terry Rambo

Good letters

A short comment on two letters in MidWeek‘s May 30 issue. Lori Chang voiced my impression precisely of the porn-like poses and sultry looks on the bikini-clad models. We can do without that in a weekly newspaper. And I enjoyed Royle Kaneshige’s humor while stating the obvious: Why downgrade a bus system that is bringing kudos to Hawaii, and accommodating the citizenry wonderfully, in favor of a rail system the majority of locals proclaim a no-go?

Karyn Abe

That’s ludicrous

Jerry Coffee has succumbed to either senility or conspiracy theories.

I quote: “Barack Obama is America’s No. 1 domestic enemy.”

Is he joking?

And he bases this bald assertion on his opinion that the country is weaker, poorer, more divided, etc.?

“America’s No. 1 domestic enemy”?

Many of us may disagree with our President’s policies. But to claim he’s our worst “enemy” is ludicrous.

I’m afraid Mr. Coffee has lost his mind, either to disease or right-wing propaganda. Please, I urge MidWeek to seriously consider retiring his column.

Ramona Hussey

Call him Ron

I have been reading Ron Nagasawa’s column for so many years I feel like I should call him Ron! Looking forward to how his family is doing every week. There is no way his son is 23.

That is not why I am writing though. When I read his fashion column I could relate. Many years ago with my kids, we ended up in the ladies’ hat department at Liberty House-Ala Moana. My son was 10 years old and my daughter was 8. My son was trying on all the ladies’ straw hats and doing his high-fashion model poses. My daughter and I lost it and were laughing so hard.

Mona Roblin