Letters To The Editor

Diverse reading

Once again, MidWeek has demonstrated that it is the most diverse and readable news medium going. Examples from the June 6 issue:

* Bob Jones’ timely reminder that “this country was founded on protest” and his warning that we citizens are on the receiving end of official efforts to quash peaceable resistance to the encroaching police state. (And Mr. Jones didn’t even mention the drones that may already be plying the skies over our heads!)

* Dan Boylan’s “rants” about political shenanigans; I was especially pleased that he mentioned District 2 House candidate Rafael Del Castillo, whom I know, respect, and can confirm as a “smart, even subtle” thinker.

* Jade Moon’s nod to Project Grad, more special because of her son’s involvement. In my case, it was my sole granddaughter who graduated from high school and then participated in a great group undertaking.

* Jerry Coffee’s ultra-right-wing affirmation that he possesses a rabid, astonishingly hyperbolic hatred of President Obama as “America’s No. 1 domestic enemy.” Coffee epitomizes the sad decline of America into a bully that eschews comity domestically and tosses aside diplomacy and peace abroad in favor of undisguised acts of indiscriminate violence to fellow human beings.

* The unmatched world-view of Patrick Buchanan, who dissects our shameful slide into an irreversibly entangled alliance with Israel and its domestic agents; an alliance that requires “Loyal(ty) To Israel At All Costs.” We’re approaching the 45th annual marking of the June 8, 1967, Israeli massacre of the crew of the Navy ship USS Liberty, and the July 4 Independence Day. What has become of our independence?

Robert H. Stiver
Pearl City

Enemy defined

In Jerry Coffee’s latest column, he informs us that “Barack Obama is America’s No.1 domestic enemy.” Pretty serious accusation. According to the dictionary, an enemy is “a person who feels hatred for or fosters harmful designs against another: an adversary or opponent … the Devil, Satan.” In other words, President Obama hates us, fosters harmful designs against us (America) and may even be the Devil. Could he also be the anti-Christ?

Peter Knerr

Who’s the enemy?

I have just finished reading Jerry Coffee’s most recent column, and I’m dismayed at the context and tone. To imply that the President of the United States is not upholding and defending the Constitution, and that he is America’s No. 1 domestic enemy is beyond the pale.

If Mr. Coffee is looking for dangers to America’s freedoms and values, he need look no further than the right wing Supreme Court that has enabled super-wealthy individuals and corporations to spend unfettered sums of cash to foster their selfish agenda, or to the Republican-controlled House of Reps. that thwarts every initiative brought forth by the administration, but has not advanced one bill that would create an improvement in the economy.

The fundamental change that Mr. Obama articulated was a change from policies that put our military in harm’s way in a war based on disinformation, and created a financial mess not seen since the Great Depression. The changes proposed saved our American automotive industry, killed Bin Laden and three of his top people, rid the world of Khadafi and elevated the USA in the world community.

It is apparent that our real domestic enemies are people like the Koch brothers and their ilk who are spending millions to buy votes while they hide their identities, or Donald Trump, who spreads lies and slander, or politicians in more than 17 states who are working to disenfranchise elderly and minority voters through their “registration laws.”

As for America’s No. 1 domestic enemy, it’s quite apparent that Mr. Coffee and the misguided people who think like him fit the bill quite nicely.

David Jones
Ewa Beach