Letters To The Editor

Resent Adair toon

As a public school teacher, I am offended by the recent Dick Adair editorial cartoon portraying teachers as dunce cap-wearing trouble makers who are made to sit in the corner. To imply that we are the problem is to reinforce the belief of the ignorant critics of all public school teachers. Accepting the latest, lamest contract would have shown the stupidity of a dunce. I applaud the courage and conviction of my fellow teachers.

You press your boot to my throat and expect me to cry uncle? You back me into a corner and expect me to roll over like an obedient dog?

The public perception seems to be that all teachers are ineffective; that all teachers expect a handout for doing nothing. Believe it or not, some teachers actually have a conscience. We come to work wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. I ask one question: How many children of strangers have you helped to raise? And ultimately, what is the worth of a highly qualified, highly effective teacher?

Scott Gruzinsky

Teachers look bad

I agreed with Bob Jones’ recent column that public school teachers are acting more like factory workers in a union. And then the most recent Dick Adair, putting teachers looking into a corner, well, I laughed out loud.

Teachers, and their union, are making them look very bad in the eyes of the rest of us. If they were getting better results in the classroom, I’d probably feel different. But for now, there is not much honor in the way Hawaii teachers are going about their “business” and their “profession.”

Alice Kennedy

History lesson

I’m a malihini who has quickly fallen in love with MidWeek there’s a little bit of everything! I was particularly fascinated with historical aspects of the cover story on First Hawaiian Bank CEO Bob Harrison. Thank you for this slice of Hawaiian history that helps to broaden my understanding of this wonderful place, including people such as Mr. Bishop who arrived here by sailing ships on turbulent seas.

Linda Lee-Myer

A few laughs

As something of a political junky, I really appreciate the breadth and expertise of MidWeek‘s various columnists.

But I must say that I also appreciate the humor you bring into my life: Ron Nagasawa, Chuck Shepherd, Bruce Cameron and D.L. Stewart, plus various cartoons. After all the politics, I need the laughs.

Jay Furtado