Letters To The Editor

Wrong on oil

In his attack on President Obama’s energy policy, Jerry Coffee challenges the president’s statement that the “U.S. consumes more than a fifth of the world’s oil supply but contains only 2 percent of the reserves.” The president is wrong, according to Mr. Coffee, because “the U.S. has the most abundant fossil fuel reserves in the world.”

It is true that we have huge fossil fuel reserves, but “fossil fuel” is not the same thing as “oil.” Fossil fuels include coal and natural gas, as well as oil. Our oil reserves are, in fact, now less than 2 percent of the global total and are rapidly declining. We do have one-quarter of the world’s coal reserves, but we can’t put coal in the tanks of our cars. So the high priority that President Obama has placed on developing alternative energy sources is indeed moving our country forward. Mr. Coffee, with his unfounded belief that we can simply drill our way out of our energy problems, would have us go in the reverse direction.

Terry Rambo

Both sides now

Why I love MidWeek: On Page 16 last week, Susan Page declares President Obama is “politicizing” the gay marriage issue. On Page 32, Jade Moon says the president’s new stance “transcends politics.”

I guess that about covers it.

Robin Lee

Advertising rail

I have a question for Daniel Grabauskas and HART: If rail is such a done deal, and already in progress, why do you continue to spend taxpayers’ dollars bombarding us day and night with that commercial with a young lady on TheBus touting rail?

Bob Kruse

Bad candidates

I’m betting S. Kelley’s editorial cartoon in MidWeek‘s May 16 issue – a pollster asking a couple, “Which candidate do you feel most motivated to vote against?” – speaks for a lot of people. I vote because I consider it my patriotic duty, but whether for local office or national, there are few candidates I really want to vote for.

Jerry Lane

To go or stay

Jade Moon’s column on her son’s decision to go away for college put a lump in my throat and chill in my heart – as a mom with a couple of kids facing the same decision. I suppose we should just feel fortunate to be able to make that choice available.

Linda Morita

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