Letters To The Editor

A regular guy

Regarding Bob Jones’ attempts to belittle the Dalai Lama as just a human being: It’s unnecessary, as the D.L. said exactly that about himself in both of his talks at the Stan Sheriff Center, telling listeners that he is a human being no different from everyone else. Lesson: If one human can achieve such wisdom and compassion, it’s possible for all.

As for Mr. Jones’ suggestion that the honorific “His Holiness” is unprecedented and that no such title exists for other religious leaders, may I point out that as a Catholic I am honored to refer to the pope as “Holy Father.”

Richard Walker

Power of youths

Having now read the MidWeek cover story about the Dalai Lama’s visit to Kailua High School and the Philosophy for Children Program several times, and shared it both in person and by mail, I feel a sense of awe at how Don Chapman was able to capture the extraordinary events of that day. So many things are powerful about the article.

Perhaps most satisfying for me is the way in which he was able to capture the power of the students’ voices and their role in the proceedings.

Much of my work since 1984 has been an effort to bring to center focus for the adult world the power of the thinking that resides in our young people. It resides latent, waiting for someone, some setting to set it free.

Listening to these students as they in turn presented their questions with such quiet power and dignity, to see the thoughtful, genuine appreciation in the responses of His Holiness to their individual questions, and the responses of the audience, adults and peers alike to this, is a memory I shall treasure for the rest of my life. It was as though, if ever “proof” were needed of the value of the work we are all doing together in p4c, it was in evidence on that day.

The article captured that with such clarity! We have received many calls and emails in response to that MidWeek story and I’m sure that will continue. It is something that will remain for us a permanent record of that incredible day.

“Thank you” doesn’t begin to get hold of the gratitude all of us feel for this written account.

Thomas Jackson, Ph.D.,
Director, p4c Hawaii

Not needed

With MidWeek carrying conservative writers such as Michelle Malkin, Patrick Buchanan and Jerry Coffee, was it really necessary for Bob Jones to invite his sister in Ohio to bash President Obama? Or did Mr. Jones just need an easy column that week?

Amy Lee