Letters To The Editor

Lama defense

Just read Bob Jones’ article about the Dalai Lama and felt hurt by what he said about His Holiness.

We live in such a greedy society, in which people do not know enough to control their own minds and are blind to the fact of reality.

He’s not just Tenzin Gyatso from Tibet. He’s a person with an open heart and compassion toward others. His message is very strong (so glad there are journalists) to promote open dialogue to all people no matter what you believe in, and to bring peace and happiness to each other.

Jeanmarie Olmos

Jones spot on

I thought Bob Jones’ comments on the Dalai Lama’s recent visit with its surrounding hoopla were well-said and spot on. An admirable person, just a man.

I wonder what Mr. Jones’ thoughts are about Jesus?

Barbara Guss

Benefits earned

There is no doubt that runaway government spending must be curtailed. But what is troubling is that in the public discourse “entitlements” that are earned are lumped together with “entitlements” that are unearned.

“The world owes me a living” type of giveaways deserve to be cut. There are private charities galore to help people who need it.

But cutting benefits that have been earned is another story. Although some government pension benefits might deserve to be reduced, as they have sometimes been in the private sector, benefits that have been earned, like medical care for injured veterans or Social Security programs that were paid for, should not be punished because government has, in the past, chosen to give money to unwed mothers or addicts because they “need” it.

People who paid into Social Security their whole lives should not be punished because government spent the money instead of setting up investment trusts.

Roy “Sky” Wyttenbach II

Poll question

Your question (with photos, Page 4) is my favorite MidWeek feature. Could you ask “What is life’s greatest treasure?” People’s answers will reflect their ages. Maybe this question is too cerebral, shucks. An old fut like me would answer: That my Mom’s and my Dad’s last years or months are nice ‘n’ easy. I’m not a wordsmith – there are better words than nice ‘n’ easy. Mahalo for your consideration.

Alan Matsuda

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