Letters to the Editor – 7/2/14

Chilling idea

Bob Jones apparently has never learned that not all thoughts need to be shared. I am a strong believer in freedom of the press, and I am in strong opposition to censorship. But Mr. Jones’ last column evokes the kind of thinking that over time turns the monstrous into the matter-of-fact. He’s upset about caging animals — but wants to make “shelter” placement mandatory for homeless, able singles and couples. It’s like how placement of Japanese into internment camps was made to seem reasonable. Not to mention even more horrendous “relocation” of Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies and other people deemed “undesirables” into Nazi camps from which they never returned. All their belongings were confiscated, too. And if you strip people of all their belongings, don’t you significantly reduce the chances they can ever return to “normal” life? On top of that, he wants mandatory psychiatric help for the “disabled” homeless. Since traditional talk therapy only can be done with the willing, I assume this means pumping them full of drugs or forcing convulsive electroshock “therapy” — yes, it’s still done.

Are these really the kind of thoughts MidWeek wants to promote? Do you support the logical consequences?

On the plus side, thank you for Misfit Spirit by Jay Sakashita. What a welcome addition!

H.E. Henderson

Double attack

A letter writer last week complained that Jerry Coffee’s column attacks President Obama on every occasion. Then, 35 pages into your newspaper, Susan Page Coffee has a column with the title “Iraq Civil War Is All Obama’s.”

Clearly, the Coffee family just doesn’t like President Obama. And MidWeek gives them two chances to attack!

Jim Wolfe

Kudos to Coffee

I know MidWeek receives mail critical of conservative commentators such as Jerry Coffee. I just want to say as we approach Independence Day this week, I am grateful for men such as he, who have served our country to bravely and at great personal sacrifice. Bless him, and all our active and retired military men and women. And God bless America.

Helen Lee

A humane end

Many thanks to Ron Mizutani for sharing his feelings about his dogs and how he “let them go” when the end was near, to end their suffering.

I have written a power of attorney and an advance directive for health care to make my wishes clear, and I advise everyone else to do the same. I just wish our Legislature would allow people to care for people as well as Mr. Mizutani cared for his dogs.

Ken Conklin