Letters to the Editor – 6/4/14

Whose book?

Thank you to Bob Jones for his column “Keep Religion Out Of Science Education.”

As a Jew, I find it beyond amusing that it is Christian conservatives who want to teach a literal interpretation of a Hebrew story that most Jews view as poetic symbolism.

After all, Genesis is our book.

Churches and religious schools can teach whatever they want, but science classes in public schools should stick to actual science.

Daniel Stein

Teach religion

Regarding Bob Jones’ column about not teaching the Bible in public schools: Perhaps if Judeo-Christian morals and ethics were taught in public schools as they were in my day, there would be less drug use, and fewer teen pregnancies and teen criminals.

Start with the 10 Commandments handed directly from God to Moses. That’s what we should be teaching. Think about it.

Alice Johnson

Why an LG?

Good column by Dan Boylan, “Surprise! An Interesting LG Race.” As Mr. Boylan points out, the only reason to run for lieutenant governor is because that person wants to run for governor one day. The job entails no real duties.

So the real question becomes, why do we need a lieutenant governor? Think of the thousands of dollars we could save by eliminating the position. Oh, and quick, name the current LG.

David Lee
Pearl City

Pritchett fan

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first — a Pritchett editorial cartoon in MidWeek?! As a longtime fan of his work, this is a fantastic addition to an already great paper.

I like the other changes you’re making as well. Keep up the good work!

Kay Long

A family friend

As the mother of two young children, I’ve found Tannya Joaquin’s column to be both fun to read and helpful in planning activities. She is a welcome addition to MidWeek.

Lisa Ornellas

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