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Letters to the Editor – 6/18/14

Misplaced blame

This is in response to St. Francis Healthcare System’s CEO Jerry Correa’s letter saying how offended he was by Dick Adair’s cartoon regarding St. Francis laying off numerous long-tenured nurses during Nurses Week. Sorry, Mr. Correa, you’ll have to take the criticism that comes with your decision. There is nothing buoyant, satirical or humorous about being laid off — that it happened during Nurses Week added to the sting. As an RN working in one of Oahu’s large hospitals, I can tell you that Mr. Adair’s perspective was widely shared.

As a former St. Francis Liliha hospital employee of 20 years, I too felt that sting when the Liliha campus closed 10 days before Christmas. Again, peculiar timing for a Catholic institution. I worked at the Liliha campus when it was the second busiest hospital in the state. Now it sits fallow and dilapidated while other hospital systems thrive. The once-admired home care and hospice program has been shuttered.

All indicators point to a woefully mismanaged health care system, that, despite its honorable past, has a dwindling future in health care services. Mr. Correa might like what my grandmother used to say about the truth:

“It might hurt a little bit, you might not like it, but it’s still the truth.”

Patrick Kelly

Natatorium plans

John Pritchett’s recent editorial cartoon in MidWeek depicted the Natatorium as a croaked horse. Well, we regret to inform the editor that this is an error. Though it’s understandable why the Natatorium might appear dead — it’s been closed since 1979 — this particular horse is actually more alive than ever, and it’s ready to run.

In fact, the environmental review of the plan to bulldoze the iconic war memorial will happen this summer, and the public will have an opportunity to weigh in. With it, the City can change course and permit a plan for repair and rehabilitation that is financially feasible and honors its iconic architecture. And last month the National Trust for Historic

Preservation declared the site a National Treasure, a designation the Natatorium now shares with the Washington National Cathedral and the Bridges of Yosemite Valley.

We urge Hawaii’s political leaders to saddle up with the multitudes clambering to preserve this important piece of our nation’s history. Rather than bring the bulldozers to the Waikiki shoreline, give future generations an opportunity to swim where the great Duke once dazzled the crowds. And see that our veterans are given the memorial they deserve.

Brian Turner, Senior Field Officer,
National Trust for Historic Preservation
San Francisco

A poor example

Regarding Bob Jones’ recent comments on Hawaiian sovereignty that include this: “Congress and the state of Hawaii aren’t going to recognize a Kingdom of Hawaii” or any form of Hawaiian independence except tribal, “and no international body has the power or tools of enforcement to make them do so.”

Translation: It’s acceptable for a nation to break its laws because no entity exists that might hold it accountable. Obviously, a poor example to set for humanity and a guilty plea indeed!

Kimo Franklin

Alice and the Rev.

It was a delight to see the addition of Alice Inoue’s A Mindful Moment column in MidWeek.

With so many readers having busy lives, it is nice to have a reminder to stop and reflect for a moment, much like the former “Today’s Thought” piece that ran for many years. Rev. Osumi’s message became one of the things I looked forward to reading every day. I find Alice’s updated reminders very meaningful and enjoy them very much.

Cheryl Ornellas

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