Letters to the Editor – 5/7/14

Campaign cash

Dan Boylan’s recent column complaining that politicians are for sale unfortunately failed to mention HB1481, the campaign spending bill that was recently killed in committee, presumably by Speaker Souki. To those who care for integrity in government, HB1481 was arguably the most important bill of the current session. How sad that so few people knew of it, and how fruitless to rail at politicians for accepting large amounts of private money yet not point out the obvious remedy.

Neil Frazer


Jerry Coffee believes America’s military is too small, even though what the U.S. spends on defense is close to what is spent by the rest of the world combined (“U.S. Military Spending Falling Behind,” April 23).

Mr. Coffee’s vision for America is like the man standing waist deep in gasoline while holding three matches – and demanding two more.

David T. Johnson

Korea trouble

Thanks to Bob Jones for his column on Korea’s DMZ. I too have been there, and it is the most foreboding place I’ve ever been. America’s policy for the past 61 years – since the armistice was signed – has only served to make hostilities possible at any moment, because technically North and South Korea are still at war, as effectively is the U.S., with our 28,000 troops in South Korea.

A saner policy is for the U.S. to lead negotiations to sign a peace treaty between the two Koreas. Peace on the Korean peninsula will not happen accidentally.

Janet Lee

World travelers

I always look to MidWeek for local news and events, but I also appreciate when your writers share insights and experiences from their travels – such as Don Chapman’s recent Myanmar series and Bob Jones’ column on Korea.

MidWeek is the best of both worlds!

Dennis Leong

HCC designers

Thank you to Yu Shing Ting, photographer Nathalie Walker and page designer Nicole Thommes for the two-page spread on the Honolulu Community College student-designer fashion show. The students and all of the parents, aunties and uncles are just thrilled with the MidWeek coverage. You simply are the “in” publication.

Our students are over the top with excitement. Thank you so much for showing us to the world.

Karen Hastings
Professor, Honolulu Community College

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