Letters to the Editor – 4/30/14

Buy/rent a pol

Dan Boylan is absolutely correct about the buying (or maybe just renting) of politicians with the ever-loosening rules on contributions. Why do those with the most money get the most “freedom of speech”? I think the Supreme Court is going in exactly the wrong direction for democracy with its latest two decisions on this matter.

One of the biggest costs of modern campaigning is, of course, television. The airwaves are supposedly owned by the public, which allows the networks to use them. Why does that not obligate them to give X amount of minutes/hours to each balloted candidate? It’s just a massive windfall to broadcasters every two years. And I speak as an ex-broadcast employee, both radio and TV.

It’s always the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.

Mark Stitham

Anti-HCDA voter

Bob Jones’ article “Where’s The Community In HCDA?” is too polite and too weak in describing our politicians.

For example, Mr. Jones said, “but it seems to be harder and harder for the public interest to be heard.” In reality, we are totally ignored. Public hearings are smokescreens. Whatever is planned will proceed regardless, be it education, land development, public policy, etc. Proof? How many public hearings, public demonstrations have turned around what has been “planned”? Any? What we have is “familiarity breeds contempt,” “absolute power corrupts absolutely” – pick whichever adage you like and it’ll apply to Hawaii’s politicians.

What’s the solution? We’ve got to vote against what we dislike, just to “check and balance” those in power; this is why our USA has three branches of government.

Strong oppositions, of course, will slow progress, even cause gridlock. But it is better to slow down drastic changes via corruptions of power from one-party power monopoly. Gridlock is so much better than a clear path toward certain irreversible damage – for example, if Kakaako is overbuilt.

If you dislike what they’re doing to us, vote in lots of oppositions to check those in power. And if our voice is now weak to those we’ve voted into power, let their “enemy” make our voice strong.

This will be my November vote.

Dan Ong

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