Letters to the editor – 4/29/15

NCIS news flash

I’m a huge fan of the NCIS TV shows, but had no idea that Naval Criminal Investigative Service operated in Hawaii. It makes perfect sense, when you stop to think about it, but I’m guessing I was not the only reader who was surprised — and amazed at the cases they handle.

Mahalo for a great story, and to Agent Cox and his colleagues for their service.

Angela Lee


Re: columns by Bob Jones and Dan Boylan, and cartoons by Roy Chang and John Pritchett, about protests against the Thirty Meter Telescope atop Mauna Kea. I see a sad parallel between Hawaiians protesting the telescope for religious reasons with elements of Islam trying to turn the clock back to medieval times. Muslim culture was once at the forefront of worldwide science and art, just as Hawaiian/Polynesian culture was once at the fore-front of science in the Pacific — think of those star-reading explorers. I believe those ancient explorers would be disappointed with the modern protesters and try to talk some sense into them.

Another comparison also comes to mind — with know-nothing anti-science conservatives who doubt climate change and evolution despite examples all around us.

Daniel Bautista


Patrick Buchanan’s “realpolitik” approach to international affairs is refreshing. His most recent column “A U.S.-Russia War Over Ukraine?” is a great example.

If, in fact, we come to a war with Russia, it will be a war entirely of America’s making. Contrary to what the mainstream media reports, it was the U.S. State Department that promoted the overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected president by fascist militias. And now we’re training Ukraine troops to fight Russian-backed rebels.

I grew up being taught that Americans love peace. Why do so many in Washington want into another war that could turn nuclear? And in realpolitik terms, how thinly can we stretch our military?

Lee Ryan

A good read

Thank you, MidWeek, for publishing Pamela Young’s Applause column. Every week it fills my heart with gladness that there are so many kind and compassionate people on this island. This is a great community service.

Mary Campbell

Great headline

This has got to be one of the greatest headlines I’ve ever read, atop Pamela Young’s Applause column: “The Lifesaving Pigs At Shinsato Farms.” No way I wasn’t going to read what that was all about! And it turned out to be, shall we say, a heartwarming story.

Lori Leong

Hurry up, train

Bob Jones seems to inspire many grouches complaining, but he always seems to make sense to me. His March 25 column about traffic congestion, the train, etc., is right on.

It’s a free country, so as many people who want a better place to live, especially for climate and weather, are free to move here and add more and more vehicles to our already overcrowded roads.

Most of the whiners already live in town (especially Kahala!), the Windward side, etc., so of course, they don’t need the train but are only concerned about its being “ugly,” and having to contribute a few cents per dollar toward its construction.

It’s not being built to enhance the landscape but hopefully to provide another way for some of the daily commuters from West Oahu to go back and forth to downtown and other places “in town.”

I can’t wait for it to be built! I love Honolulu, but the only reason I live 20 miles away is so I can live in a house, rather than an apartment (including condos) with their higher prices, smaller sizes and greater aggravation.

I anticipate getting rid of my car eventually, taking a bus to the train and looking down on those stubborn one-occupant-per-vehicles crawling along down below, saving myself much time, money and aggravation.

Dorothea Rosinsky
Ewa Beac

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