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Letters to the Editor – 2/5/14

Real cost of war

It was heartening to see Charles Djou’s column “Hawaii Ties To Lone Survivor.”

My daughter’s fiancé was sent to Afghanistan in August for a nine-month deployment as part of an intelligence group, an his mission was to interview the locals. But he was sent home after just three months with PTSD after witnessing 10 of his comrades die, including one who was decapitated. It begs the question: For what? And why are we still there?

Mr. Djou is right that we nee real leadership in D.C. and Hawaii. The only way to make a change is if we all go out and vote, and vote according to our conscience, not by who our aunties, uncles an union tell us to vote for. Choose wisely. If you think we need a change for the better, then don’t be afraid to vote that way. You have no one to blame if you don’t.

Peter Junker Waikiki


Bob Jones regards concern over genetically modified organisms as a fad that should fade into the background by the end of this legislative session. He holds up peer-reviewed evidence as the only “sensible” evidence that would make him climb aboard the anti-GMO band wagon and states that the only peer reviewed evidence available contradicts other evidence that GMOs are harmful. Mr. Jones neglected to note that “independent” scientists who would like to do this level of research are forbidden to use patented GE (genetically engineered ) crops for this purpose by the manufacturers who keep the information necessary to conduct a valid research project secret.

Shellie Fielden Pauoa Valley


Bob Jones’ column strikes again, being offensive an hostile toward the native Hawaiian community. I have drafted many letters in response to his previous columns, one questioning efforts toward preserving the Hawaiian language, an another about the desecration of burial sites containing the iwi of our ancestors, which he describes as being “just bones,” on the rail lines. His GMO column, however, deliberately takes a jab at the native Hawaiian sovereignty movement. He had “hoped” the GMO debate in the Legislature would have “… faded into the background chatter as did the idea of total Hawaiian sovereignty.” How can you justify such a malicious statement, Mr. Jones?

Perhaps the voices calling for Hawaiian recognition, rights an self-determination are drowned out by people like Bob Jones who have columns dedicated to sharing “just thoughts” preferring to keep Hawaiian culture packaged an sold in Waikiki.

The call for justice for the Hawaiian people is still alive an well.

Stephanie DeMello