Letters to the Editor – 2/12/14

GMO profits

Thank you to Bob Jones for voicing his concern about pesticides, proprietary seed and labeling of GMOs. These issues are so important not just for Hawaii, but all states and nations. But Mr. Jones did not take the crucial next step and realize that GMOs were developed in conjunction with pesticides and proprietary seed, and therefore cannot be separated from them. This may be fine in the controlled setting of a lab, but GMOs are pervasive now in our fields and food supply.

Contrary to the misinformation widely spread by the chemical companies who stand to profit from them, GMOs were created to increase financial gain no matter the negative impact to our soil, health and freedom to know what we are eating. These are the very issues we “clamoring” crowds are most concerned with and for which we are trying to create meaningful reform. Case in point is Kauai’s Bill 2491, which is only about disclosure of pesticides/GMOs and buffer zones, exactly what Mr. Jones says we should all be scrutinizing. The majority of bills put before legislators and voters are simply to label GMOs.

I appreciate Mr. Jones’ support in labeling, and ask that he examine why he takes no issue with GMOs when he obviously is anti-GMO for the reasons he outlined in his column.

Lucia You

Pot pastries

Roy Chang’s editorial cartoon about Rep. Rida Cabanilla’s pakalolo cookie products was laugh-out-loud hilarious. Seriously, thousands of people in Hawaii are waiting for the day such products will be legal in the 50th State.

Daren Lee

Party for the rich

Patrick Buchanan’s column “How The GOP Lost Middle America” was right on.

Most Americans are not looking for a handout, but we also want a government that doesn’t hinder our dreams of getting ahead in life. The Republican Party long ago became the party of the rich.

Lisa Nakamura

Hung out to dry

Thank you to Jade Moon for her timely column on the modern “sin” of hanging clothes out to dry. With the high cost of electricity, and considering the fossil fuels required to create that electricity, clotheslines make a lot of sense.

Russell Leong

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