Letters to the editor – 2/11/15

Honor all heroes

First, I would like to say that I love reading MidWeek, and can’t wait to get it each week.

While reading Jerry Coffee’s column on “Texans Know How To Honor A War Hero,” I was very touched by the whole story, and knew about Chris Kyle and have watched American Sniper. Kyle was very courageous and is an all-American hero. I myself am a Vietnam vet. I say honor all of our heroes. Everyone who puts on a U.S. military uniform is a hero.

The reason I’m writing this is in response to Mr. Coffee’s ending remarks. Does Mr. Coffee “hate” our government so badly that he would use this very sad and touching story to bad-mouth our government? I love my country — God bless America! Mahalo for allowing us to voice our opinion.

David Wilson
Ewa Beach

Tulsi gets it

I am writing to criticize Bob Jones for his criticism of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard in his column “Foreign Policy Is Not Tulsi’s Strength.”

Gabbard’s appearances on national media (CNN, Fox and other outlets) have, to my knowledge, always been highlighted by constructive and informed thinking about what is needed to defeat our mid-East enemies.

She stresses military force, ideological confrontation and diplomatic efforts with allies to isolate and destroy jihadists. She understands that global sharia law, martyrdom and heavenly rewards are much more motivating forces than alienation, poverty and thrill seeking are for jihadists as they enlist in and from Western countries in ISIS, al-Qaida, and terrorist cells.

The mullahs and wealthy of Saudi Arabia and elsewhere may not be terrorists in the trenches, but as we know from 9/11 and currently, their money, ideology and recruiting of jihadists is just as dangerous to America.

I am surprised that Mr. Jones displays so little understanding of the mid-East turmoil and the nature of the current threat that certain brands of Islam pose to Western civilization.

I applaud Congresswoman Gabbard and trust that she will continue to educate us on the true nature of our enemies and the strategy/tactics we must use to defeat them.

Mathew R. Sgan

Respect service

Bob Jones criticizes U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard for taking issue with the administration’s avoidance of linking the Islamic State with Islam.

The self-proclaimed holy warriors of the Islamic State have established a caliphate and implemented a version of sharia law in administering the large parts of Syria and Iraq that they control, and are influenced by the Wahhabist mullahs Jones describes as “Islamic extremists.”

Mr. Jones should apologize, and Gabbard should be complimented on her service and for speaking her mind.

Tom Freitas
Hawaii Kai