Letters to the Editor – 12/3/14

City Lights fan

Thanks for a great cover story on Honolulu City Lights. It is one of our family’s most beloved Christmas traditions, now in its third generation, so it was fun to read a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into it.

But I was saddened to learn that Nelson Fujio, who coordinated the light parade for years, has passed away. I’d met him and he was a nice man. So it’s fitting this year’s parade is dedicated to him. We’ll be there again.

Eloise Lee

Sit-lie supporter

I’m with Bob Jones on the city’s sit-lie ordinance (“Good Reasons To Support Sit-Lie”).

As a taxpaying citizen — meaning I have a job — I have as much right to public sidewalks and park and bus benches as anyone.

As Mr. Jones says, we do a great deal for homeless and the poor, but it’s time we took back public property.

Mike Yamaguchi

Enough war

Bravo to Patrick Buchanan for his column “Did Americans Vote For Endless War?”

And thanks to him for calling out the Wall Street Journal for comparing Putin to Napoleon. Loved this line: “Has the Journal lost it?”

Putin is no saint, but American neocons and the Europeans pushed him into a corner, and he’s pushing back.

Can’t blame him one bit.

Alan Brown

Smart readers

I was thoroughly encouraged by reader responses cited by Jade Moon in her column “Readers’ Ideas On How To Fix Low Voter Turnout.”

These people had obviously already thought about this, and want to make improvements.

My 2 cents’ worth is that Oregon has one of the highest voter “turnouts,” and they vote entirely by mailed ballot. I’d like to see that happen here.

Terry Gomes

A true hero

I’ve been sharing with friends and associates Bob Hogue’s great column on Bob Apisa and the story of the game balls that took 48 years to come full circle, and everyone agrees it’s the sports story of the year.

And it hit me how much we need real athletic heros like Bob when he was at Michigan State and autographed his game ball for a boy in a wheelchair.

How different from today’s college athletes like Johnny Football and others selling their autographs.

Kudos to Mr. Apisa, and to his parents for raising him so well.

Richard Walker

A proud alum

As a longtime fan of Texas Tech football, I really enjoyed Susan Page’s column about going back to our mutual alma mater, “Old School Visit Retraces Life’s Journey.”

As a political independent who leans conservative who very much admires Jerry Coffee’s service to and suffering for his country, it was great to read about him receiving a standing ovation from 50,000 fans. It made me proud to a Tech man.

Go Red Raiders!

Dave Larson

No more Bushes

No! No, no, no! Enough already!

Those were my first thoughts upon reading E.J. Dionne’s column about Jeb Bush’s possible run for the Republican nomination for president.

No more Bushes in the White House! No more Clintons, either!

This is a democracy, not a monarchy with lines of succession all laid out.

What America needs are fresh blood, fresh ideas and some new names.

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