Letters; A Conversation; Those Libs

The letters I get.

“Bob, if you put half as much energy in to something as important as gas prices as you do into illegal business in Diamond Head and on Kalakaua, perhaps it would do some good.”

Yeah, Lowell, but I don’t know anything about gas pricing.

“Come on, Bob, leave tutu Jackie Ward alone. Kinda sneaky snake-like to attend, then go hypocritical after you enjoyed it.”

I did enjoy it, Sandra, and I assume you mean “hyper” rather than “hypo,” but a judge told her to stop holding public events.

“I went to a Pan Am oldsters event at the Hale Koa Hotel and wanted to stay overnight. They turned me down. I’m a World War II veteran.”

Henry, that hotel is limited to active duty military, retired military and some others on disability pension.

“I seldom walk on Queen’s Beach anymore because of how depressing it is. I always come back with a garbage bag full of trash. Why don’t we provide enough trash cans? Cops drive by every day and ignore giving tickets to vehicles parked on the beach.”

I hope this gets results, Monica.

“Why don’t lifeguards at Kaimana Beach say anything about people with dogs not on a leash?”

Beats me, Kalei. Don’t want to make “A”?

“We get it illegal businesses should not be allowed to operate. You’ve made your point now it’s time to move on.”

I’m moving on, Tom. Read below.

* I offer you “Conversations You Hear At The Kahala Mall Bus Stop.” One man is a Hobron restaurateur. The other claims to be on a collegesponsored lecture tour.

“I lecture that there are too many people in the world. Young people having babies and not knowing what they’re doing.”

“Yeah, the lower class. All the smart ones leave Hawaii and never come back. Kid goes to Punahou and is great in robotics but gets his grants at the University of Washington.”

“Well, no wonder. The UH has plenty of problems. Look at the gal that’s president. The UH has this mansion, but she gets paid to live in a condo. It’s all about who you know and whose palm you grease.”

“I’m getting out of Oahu. It’s just like living in Los Angeles. You know what’s happening? No truancy law here. The state doesn’t care if you don’t go to school. It’s the dumbing down of America.”

The No. 24 bus comes and they get aboard, continuing the conversation.

* Sometimes liberals embarrass liberals. Like the ACLU in New York.

That city, like ours, rents out school property on non-school days and nights. Some of the renters are churches. So what? Well, the ACLU says public property should not be used for religious purposes and that Muslims are denied because school is in session on Friday prayer days.

School space is just that when school is out space. We shouldn’t care less who wants to rent unused school space unless it’s for an unlawful activity.

You can rent Washington Place for whatever. Iolani Palace, too. Serve beer and wine.