Letter to the Editor – 8/28/13

Ranting, wrong

I was enjoying Jerry Coffee’s column “The First Navy Jack’s Significance” – until the final paragraphs, when he suddenly swerved into an anti-Obama rant. One can only assume that going out for dinner and walking the dog also can prompt an otherwise unprecipitated Coffee rant against the president.

And, factually speaking, Mr. Coffee writes that, of the four U.S. wars post-WWII, outright victory was not achieved “except for the one ‘decreed’ by President Barack Obama.” Let’s not forget George Bush in his aviator flight suit proclaiming “Mission Accomplished” a few months into the Iraq war.

Guess we know how that one turned out.

Daren Lee

Russia’s distrust

I’m starting to really appreciate Patrick Buchanan’s columns in MidWeek. His recent “Putin’s Reasons For Distrusting U.S.” was an eye-opener. Given our record, I wouldn’t trust us either if I were in Russia. I love my country, but not every action our government takes is noble.

James Walker

Putin: contempt

Patrick Buchanan’s hatred of President Obama prompts him to defend Russian President Vladimir Putin. As former head of the total-itarian KGB, a supporter of vicious Syrian dictator Assad, and a suppressor of freedom in his own country, Putin has earned patriotic Americans’ contempt.

But as demonstrated by their Vietnam draft-dodging, Buchanan and Limbaugh are no patriots. They are cowardly right-wing cranks who should be condemned for their brazen perversity.

C.W. Griffin
Ala Moana

Wannabe cops

As a follow-up to the letter from D. Davis: Both Zimmerman and Deedy were wannabe cops, and cops all over the country, including Hawaii, get away with unnecessarily killing people. The question in these two cases is why did the guys with guns approach the guys without guns? Having a gun in one’s hand does not give a right to kill. Zimmerman was warned off by the police. Deedy had no authority away from APEC events. Bottom line: Both should have just walked away.

Bert West

More than fires

Thank you to Jade Moon for her column about a retiring firefighter’s last dangerous mission on a rocky, rainy Palolo trail in the middle of the night. It’s a reminder of all that fire-fighters do that has nothing to do with fires. Thanks also to Jason Takara and all his firefighting brothers and sisters for all they do every day.

Stacy Yee