Letter to the Editor – 8/14/13

Ghostly truth

I love MidWeek, and Ron Nagasawa’s column most of all.

And I was shocked to read in your Poll that every person questioned had seen a ghost. Having grown up in Manoa in an old home, I have had many ghostly experiences but rarely talk about them for fear of being ridiculed. I would love to see a human interest feature on ghosts, not legends, but real people’s ghostly experiences.

It’s so nice to know after 60-plus years I’m not alone.

Elizabeth Tam

Editor’s note: Have you ever seen a ghost? If so, please send your experience to the email address at the end of Letters.

Racial sensitivity?

The smartest commentary I’ve seen on the controversy caused by a Philadelphia Eagles player who used the N-word was in S. Kelly’s MidWeek editorial cartoon, in which the Eagles’ coach threatens to punish the player for his lack of “racial sensitivity” – by trading him to the Redskins!

Ask any Native American, Redskin is their equivalent of the N-word or J-word for Japanese. The NFL’s and the national media’s hypocrisy is astounding.

John Maruoka

All about guns

Dan Boylan is right in saying about the Deedy-Zimmerman trials it is “about the gun.” The lesson to be learned, however, is not that people should be prevented from lawfully carrying firearms. It is when you know someone has a gun (lawfully or not), you don’t challenge them to a fistfight. You do what the Marine in McDonald’s did when he saw Deedy’s gun: You get out of there.

We seem to have become a people who lack respect for authority. This is going to get worse if our response is, “Let’s be sure people can throw punches without serious risk when someone in authority challenges their behavior.”

Dennis Davis
Pacific Heights


Bob Jones’ column on “Overblown TV Storm Coverage” is right on. So much local TV news seems intended to frighten and agitate people, not inform. To quote Joe Friday from Dragnet, give us the facts, ma’am, just the facts. By the way, the picture of the overturned plastic lawn chair and the caption “Tropical Storm Flossie – We Will Rebuild” was laugh-out-loud funny. Thanks, I needed that.

Denise Long

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