Letter to the Editor – 7/17/13

Korean vets’ book

When I went to Like Like Drive Inn for breakfast this morning at the weekly gathering of Korean War vets, I was greeted with, “Did you see the article in MidWeek?”

I want to thank Susan Sunderland for writing the article on the book project of the Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 1.

It was very well written and capsulized all that was not written about the Korean War. On behalf of all the members of Chapter 1, both living and dead, mahalo for all the hard work Susan did, and to photographer Nathalie Walker.

Mahalo to MidWeek for running the article. I’m sure we will realize some donations from the article for the book project.

Ken Taeshiro

Health hypocrites

Remember during the debate on Obamacare, how Republicans swore they didn’t want to put the government between patients and their doctors? What two-tongued hypocrites!

Republicans across the country in state after state are now imposing government between women and their doctors with a rash of laws limiting the right to an abortion. It makes you wonder what they really believe in.

Linda Lee

Straights a threat

Churches are devoting resources to fighting gays in order to defend “traditional” marriage when the real threat is from straights. More resources should be devoted to fixing traditional marriage rather than preventing gay marriage.

While homosexuals want to marry, heterosexuals refuse to do so in ever-increasing numbers. Over the last 40 years, the U.S. marriage rate has plummeted off the cliff. Heterosexuals also are divorcing at an alarming rate. We have the fifth-highest divorce rate in the world. More than 40 percent of U.S. births are now out of wedlock. Churches almost are forced to look the other way at members who are “living in sin.” Banning gay marriage would not fix all this.

As impossible as some believe it is, there is room for church flexibility on the gay marriage issue. Professor Hector Avalos and others believe that there is flexibility on marriage in the Bible.

Leighton Loo

Paddling pioneers

Mahalo for the great story on the pioneering women who started Na Wahine O Ke Kai, the women’s race across the Kaiwi Channel.

I love paddling and was not aware of this history. Hawaii is lucky to produce such amazing women.

Kelly Gomes

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