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Letter to the Editor – 10/23/13

We need recall

In common with some MidWeek columnists and readers, the GOP cannot comprehend that Romney lost the election, or that “Obamacare” is the GOP version of a national health service Obama wanted and was adopted by more civilized nations.

That is not the problem! The problem is that Congress has prohibited Americans from recalling a member of Congress who acts in the best interests of a political party or lobbyist rather than in the best interests of his/her constituents.

So, with complete immunity, members of Congress act to extend their own wealth, power and job security. (Who doesn’t want a job with no boss and all those benefits?)

George Washington predicted that political parties would be the ruination of this nation, and everyone – except a few of your columnists and readers – can see it collapsing around their ears.

Voters should remember the money Congress is playing with is not theirs, but yours!

Rico Leffanta

Obama’s lies

In a state so enamored of the president, it is refreshing to read about his promises that do not hold up (MidWeek, Oct. 9), and the follow-up latter last week from Denise Lee.

When will the Hawaii Ohana wake up?

Obama should be compared with LBJ and his lie to the American people about the Gulf of Tonkin, which cost 50,000 American lives in Vietnam. Plus the institution of the Great Society programs which he initiated. It has taken 50 years for the truth to be bared and for the consequences to be faced – safety nets created which have not been monitored or controlled but abused by its recipients and elected officials.

Furthermore, Hawaii should not bid for Obama’s Presidential Library. Chicago, where Obama’s adult persona was developed, should construct it within which sections to Saul Alinsky and Hillary Clinton can be included.

Please, MidWeek, Keep up your truth-bearing observances with excellent articulation.

Ed Ige

Rouhani’s ruse

In his Sept. 25 MidWeek column, Patrick Buchanan criticized Sen. Lindsey Graham for seeking to pass a “use of force resolution … to stop the Iranian nuclear program. Mr. Buchanan attacked Sen. Graham and defended Iran under its new smiling president Hassan Rouhani. Mr. Buchanan would prefer a congressional resolution that reads “Obama has no authority to launch any preemptive or presidential war against Iran.”

In his Oct. 2 column, Mr. Buchanan again painted an angelic portrait of President Rouhani. This was after Rouhani refused to shake President Obama’s hand.

Indeed he even defended outgoing Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as logical in a pronouncement about Iran’s nuclear bomb program. Attributing logic to Ahmadinejad is like attributing good American citizenship to the Tsarnaev brothers.

Buchanan concluded that the “proof” that Iran does not want a nuclear bomb is that it has not built one, although it has the capacity to do so.

The logic of that assertion suggests that Iran has been enduring international scorn and sanctions, has refused to allow a true on-site assessment of its nuclear program by U.N. inspectors, and has been buying the most expensive centrifuges and enriched uranium for over a decade for absolutely nothing.

On the basis of what we really know about Iran’s intentions, actions and mindset, Buchanan’s proof and his proposed resolution sound illogical to me.

Mathew R. Sgan

Facts, at last

What a revelation! There I was scanning through another Jerry Coffee “hate Obama” column, full of poor fact checking and unsupported charges, when much to my amazement the last two paragraphs of this column (in response to a letter to the editor from Eric White) actually contained some real facts. As a matter of record, these paragraphs painted a very accurate picture of the waning days of the Bush-Cheney administration. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Coffee.

On another note, if it’s “balance” he seeks, using the likes of Michelle Malkin as a source is certainly an exercise in futility.

David Jones

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