Letter to the Editor – 01/22/14

Pidgin power

Kudos to Rasa Fornier for her Art & Stage column on “pidgin jedi” Lee Tonouchi. As his recent book award shows, he is a wonderful storyteller who’s preferred idiom is Hawaii’s pidgin – garans ball-bearins.

David Abe

Family time

Regarding Ron Nagasawa’s column “Happy New Year 1999,” about his family reconnecting as in the days his children were little: I hear ya, Ron! I think it has to do with age. Those moments when the family is able to be together come fewer and further in between, and are therefore all the more precious. Thanks for articulating the experience so movingly.

Jim Manke

Football heaven

The Jan. 15 issue of Mid-Week was a football fan’s delight – one story on the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame, another on the Hawaii NFL heroes and a third on the Pro Bowl. You know how to get my – and my sons’ – attention.

Danny Reyes

Sweet sounds

Thank you to Jerry Coffee for his timely article on getting a hearing aid. While I seldom agree with his political views, I am most appreciative for giving me the kick in the rear I needed to visit the doctor for a hearing test. Yes, I need a hearing aid, and am awaiting mine now. I can hardly wait to hear those birds chirping.

Mary Yamaguchi

Magic carpet ride

What a wonderful photograph on the cover of the Jan. 8 issue by Nathalie Walker, of Daniel Arita and son Daniel riding their “magic carpet” from American Carpet One above Oahu.

Ruth Freedman

Editor’s note: Credit also goes to graphic designer James Nakamura, who creates most of MidWeek‘s covers.

Hiking dangers

Hopefully many readers took note of the MidWeek feature story “Dangerous Trails,” about the very real perils of hiking in the mountains of Oahu.

The day after reading the story, I heard the tragic news about a young Honolulu fire-fighter falling to his death while hiking Mount Olomana. That really brought the reality home. I pray for his family, and the safety of all who venture onto our trails.

David Wong

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