Letter to the Editor – 01/15/14

Prison unions

Thank you, Bob Jones, for finally saying something about the prison unions. Assuming his figures about the cost of housing prisoners are correct – $130 per day here versus $70 per day on the Mainland – it would increase our state’s bill to keep the 1,800 prisoners Gov. Abercrombie wants to move back to Hawaii from private Mainland prisons – more than $108,000 per day. That is $39.4 million per year.

I do not think the public sector should have unions in the first place. There was a time when unions were needed, but that time has passed. The unions have too much power in this state. So why not put contract prisons on the table and let the employees decide if they want to pay union dues or not.

Lowell Brown

Malkin’s expose

I am not a Michelle Malkin fan (she of the lunatic-fringe right), but her expose of the Obama administration and the Karzai government in Afghanistan setting free terrorists who have already killed Americans is truly lunacy. Thank you to Ms. Malkin for raising my blood pressure.

Ted Silva

Senior affirmation

Jade Moon’s column on aging well was a boost for us “senior citizens.” I shall be using her comments often, especially when I send out birthday cards to my friends. I collect affirmations, and I’ve added Jade’s comment about beauty coming from the inside and use it as a spiritual supplement. Contentment is the best face lift.

Mary Sigert

Aloha, Kimo

What a touching tribute to Kimo Akane in Ron Nagasawa’s column, as well as a full-page ad. It’s obvious how MidWeek respects its writers. I’m not a Vegas “regular” by any means, but I always enjoyed the Kimo’s Vegas column because he conveyed a sense of fun.

Yes, he will be missed.

David Lee

Not so idiotic

Thank you for publishing Chuck Shepherd’s Weird News column. The idiots he writes about always make me feel smarter about myself.

Linda Yamamoto

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