Letter to the Editor – 01/08/14

Solid UH recruit

I’m writing in response to Steve Murray’s column “Recruit With Violent Past: Risk for UH.”

I was Luke Shawley’s immediate supervisor during his time in the Navy, and was with him the night of his arrest. He took accountability for his actions, paid his restitution and worked hard to get his life back on track.

I have since transferred back home to Hawaii and have been following him during his recruitment process.

I would like to shed some light on what type of person Luke is. First and foremost he’s a team player, extremely humble and one of the hardest workers I’ve come across. He was a pleasure to work with then, and I’m sure he’ll be a pleasure to coach now. His arrest was totally out of character and not indicative of the type of person he is.

Rest assured, Rainbow Warrior fans, you are getting one hell of a teammate and football player. Give him the benefit of the doubt. You will not be disappointed.

Jeremy Treskon

Obama’s tree

I received an email from a friend in Asia. He wondered why the CNN reported Obama called the Christmas tree a “holiday tree.” Yet, Jade Moon says there is no war on Christmas? Are she and other deniers “frogs in a well,” when even people on the other side of world see what’s going on?

Dan Ong

Shovel & boots

Great New Year’s cartoon from Roy Chang, and a creative take on the traditional cartoons for the new year – old man 2013 handing off a shovel and boots to baby 2014, saying “it’s an election year.” That says it all.

Jack Lee

Stick memories

Thanks to Don Chapman for sharing his memories of Candlestick Park in San Francisco. One of my favorite sports memories was taking my son to the first NFL game for both of us in 1988, John Elway’s Denver Broncos against Joe Montana’s 49ers, and All-Pro rosters on both teams. Watching the last game at The Stick brought it all back, including the chick-enskin.

Jack Matsumoto

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