A Lesson In Caring

Dear Pamela,

A big thank you to the employees at The Wiz Kids Learning Centers in Pearl City. I forgot my purse in the women’s restroom at Pearl City Business Plaza. I was distracted, as I was taking care of my mom in a wheelchair. Ms. Jasmine found my purse and turned it in to her superior, Ms. Sarah. Ms. Sarah visited each office on the floor to try to locate its owner. Their honesty and conscientious efforts reflect great credit upon themselves and the Wiz Kids Learning Center. Much mahalo!

Darlene Arakaki

Dear Darlene,

“Our tutors are the best!” says Wiz Kids Learning Centers owner Scott Evans. “Jasmine Tanabe and Sarah Marino are used to taking care of people, so extending that care outside the classroom to the community comes naturally.”

Dear Pamela,

My family had a recent dilemma at the airport. We would like to give APPLAUSE to Shaun and Eric, employees of United Airlines. With the look of distress one Monday evening, Shaun was able to interrupt agent Eric at the baggage check-in counter. Eric flagged us over and, as he met us, offered us bags of snack potato chips. He patiently listened to our problem and was able to rebook the flight that was due to depart in a few hours from HNL to JFK. My daughter arrived safely at her destination a week later. Two angels named Shaun and Eric blessed my family.

Mills ohana
Mililani Mauka

Dear Mills ohana,

“I was able to immediately locate ‘Sean’ and Eric here at Honolulu International Airport,” says UA Airport Operations supervisor Betty Bolton. “They will be thrilled to receive a copy of the letter. Recognition of this kind is very meaningful to our employees — even more fun if it appears in your MidWeek Applause column!”

Dear Pamela,

My Toyota truck battery died in the Pearl City library parking lot. I asked the librarian if anyone had a jumper cable. She was nice, and asked all the staff there if anyone had one. However, no one did. Being right next to Pearl City police station, I went there for assistance. A very charming young lady, Officer Mary Everett, came to my assistance after asking around at the police station I am so grateful to her for going above and beyond the call of duty, especially since my daughter later scolded me, saying the police station is not an automotive shop. My hat’s off to Mary for helping me out!

Sooniem Hun
Pearl City

Dear Sooniem,

“That’s just who she is,” says Maj. Clayton Saito of District 3 (Pearl City). “Mary always is willing to make the extra effort to help someone in need. We will pass on this commendation so Mary knows her actions did not go unrecognized.”

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