Landing In Texas Without A License

“May I see your driver’s license?” asked the car rental agent at Lubbock International Airport in Texas.

I carefully picked through my purse, which was so full of stuff it could’ve starred in an episode of Hoarders.

Finally, I just dumped the whole embarrassing purse contents onto the counter, linty socks and all, to the horror of the agent.

“I know it’s here,” I said lamely, but alas, my wallet was MIA.

Panic set in as I saw my future before me: no ID for the flight home.

My husband, Jerry, could rent the car and bankroll our trip, but he has no clout with TSA.

Then, in a sudden moment of clarity, I thought to check my email in the off chance some honest soul in Honolulu or Houston (our layover city) had found it and seen my contact information. I saw this:

Subject: Your Wallet Was Found at HNL Airport today, Nov. 13, 2014

Hi, Susan!

One of our sales clerks found your wallet, $ and cards at our newsstand stores near Gate 9 today … call or email me so we can figure out how we might get this back to you.

Jim Kahue, HR Mgr.
Blind Vendors Ohana Inc.

Through tears of joy, I called the number and Jim answered. If only a hug could travel.

Within minutes our dog-sitter Carolyn was connected with Jim, who met her at airport curbside to hand off my fully intact wallet.

She express-mailed my credit card and ID to Texas and I made it home, thanks to my airport angels.

I’ll always think of Jim and the good Samaritan who found my wallet as a reminder that honest people do exist, and that the Aloha Spirit is alive and well — especially at our airport.