Lamenting loss of an old-time burger bastion

Dear Editor,

What a shock: Lee’s Drive-In closing after almost 50 years. It’s been replaced by Local Boys Sushi, and I want to give Local Boys some kind of acknowledgement, as they still offer the Lee’s-style hamburgers and cheese-burgers – but we sure miss Lee’s! Surely, the best hamburgers since Tasty Treet.

Many, many people, like myself, loved that place (located in the commercial building next to Kaneohe post office since 1970). Of course, it was downstairs from Aunty Mary’s halau, and after every class I would go down and get a Sprite and rice cakes – my favorites!

Now, my own dancers on Saturday mornings would go there for the hot dog buns and manapua. And Aunty Mary’s great-grandchildren were all going there before and after Kapua’s classes.

It will be sorely missed – so many memories, so many generations.

Ka’ohu Cazinha