Kudos To One Of Hawaii’s Finest

Dear Pamela,

On a cold, windy and rainy Sunday, I had a flat tire on Kalanianaole Highway in Kuliouou. I was alone, forgot my cell phone and certainly didn’t know how to change the tire. I walked to Holy Trinity Church, where Deacon Santi graciously offered to do whatever I needed. The only thing I asked for was a ride to my son’s home in Aina Haina, where I could then get my son to help, and Deacon Santi kindly drove me there. When my son and I got to my car, Honolulu police officer Garrett Maekawa was already changing the tire, and my husband, who was on his way home from church, was holding the umbrella above Officer Maekawa’s head. Despite being drenched from the rain, Officer Maekawa remained pleasant and courteous, stating it was his “job” to help people and he was happy to do that. My husband later told me that Officer Maekawa said he’d change the tire himself because my husband was dressed too nicely. Chief Kealoha: Rest assured that in Officer Maekawa, you truly have Hawaii’s “Finest”!

Gloria Zane
Hawaii Kai

Dear Gloria,

Your praise was noted! “Officer Garrett Maekawa’s actions reflect the highest professional qualities of a Honolulu Police Department officer,” says Maj. Raymond Ancheta, commander of District 7 (East Honolulu). “As a second-generation police officer, he is a credit to both the department and his father, retired Lt. Glenn Maekawa. The younger Maekawa’s actions are a shining example of our motto of ‘Serving and Protecting with Aloha.'”

Aloha Pamela,

My husband had a flat tire near Lumiaina and Kamehameha. Apparently, as he was about to change it, he discovered he was missing an important part of the tool needed to release the spare tire, located under the truck. While waiting for my cousin to come by to assist, a nice young man, John, drove up to help. Still dressed in his O’Reilly Auto Parts uniform and on his way home, he worked tirelessly with what tools he had available to access the spare and help my husband change the flat. Thankfully, we were able to make it to the a tire shop in time. Mahalo, John, for being so kindhearted and humble! We truly appreciated your help!

Chris and Jen Guerin
Ewa Beach

Dear Chris and Jen,

Your roadway angel was John Medeiros, who works part time for O’Reilly Auto Parts while running his own business. “John’s a good guy,” says O’Reilly King Street manager Ka’ea Acuna. “He has two jobs, works 16 hours a day because he’s that much into cars. He doesn’t work for us for the money, that’s for sure. He just wants to help out, so I’m not surprised that he would use his skills to help out strangers.”

Dear Pamela,

Our Gaison boys would like to say mahalo plenty to our Akiona grandparents for helping us get settled into our new apartment in the Vistas of Waianae. Without our Papa Sam and Grandma Charis Akiona, our home still would be empty. Thank you, guys, and we love you both to pieces. Love always and blessings.

Akiona Kawehikaia Gaison
Gaison Kanaauao Kanakapilipiliole Kimokeo

Mom Salena

Dear Gaisons,

Charis Akiona just wanted to help you make a home out of your apartment. “The place had no furniture. It had a concrete floor, so we got some rugs, a dining room set, a few things. That’s what family is for.”

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