Koi Boutique Launches Hawaiian Cruciani Bracelet


Koi Boutique launches one of the season’s hottest accessories, the Hawaiian Cruciani bracelet. A new spin on Cruciani’s classic lace bracelet, the Hawaiian Cruciani Bracelet reflects a local influence with its intricate hibiscus design. Like all Cruciani bracelets, the bracelet is crocheted using 100 percent Italian macrame lace produced by the legendary textile artisans of Arnaldo Caprai Gruppo Tessile.


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Koi Boutique Launches Hawaiian Cruciani Bracelet

A favorite of celebrities around the world, all Cruciani bracelets are sold with a guarantee certificate, ensuring the highest quality and workmanship. The exclusive hibiscus design bracelet is available at Koi Boutique in 14 colors and retails for $20. Koi Boutique is located at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki. For more information, call 923-6888.


Kailua General Store has opened in Kailua on the Hamakua Marsh, offering both practical and light-hearted items that reflect the local surroundings and sentiments. Shopkeeper Steven Parker, who was born and raised in Kailua, recognizes and collects things both amazing and amusing. Among the things you’ll find are Kailua apothecary, old-time shaving soap, plantation days shave ice, bamboo fishing poles, 967tree4 tees (symbolizing the Kailua zip code of 96734), kava, Hawaiian honey, farm-to-table food items, penny candy, toys and more. It also is the only place on the Windward side to offer award-winning Primo Popcorn, made fresh in Hawaii.

For more information, visit KailuaGeneralStore.com or call 261-5681.