We Know Who The Real Political Leaders Are

District Matters …Rep. Lauren Matsumoto

Now that the 2014 election cycle is behind us, yards and fences will seem less colorful as campaign signs are removed; and watching television will return to the advertisements and commercials we love to hate.

But have you ever wondered who the real political leaders are?

Some might say the political leaders are the ones with the most yard signs and bumper stickers, or the ones who raise the most money, or even the ones who win the elections.

The plain and unvarnished truth is that YOU are the real political leaders. Our form of government is based on the philosophy of “We the People,” meaning of the people, for the people and by the people. Our most treasured right — and highest civic responsibility — is the ability to vote and have a voice in deciding who will be elected to offices at every level of our government.

It is unfortunate that so many of our family, friends and neighbors choose to overlook the power and leadership intertwined in the simple act of voting.

Perhaps because we don’t do it every year (like having a birthday), we neglect this important civic obligation. When you vote, you exert political leadership.

Many have sacrificed their lives to protect and guarantee our cherished right to vote. We celebrated Veterans’ Day yesterday to commemorate those who fought for our freedom.

Let’s be leaders and continue to honor them by opting to vote in every election. It is as much for our past as it is for our future.

Please remember the people suffering from the damage caused by the lava flow and recent storms.

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