Kindess Is Key For Helpful Couple

Dear Pamela,

My daughter Karyl and I were locked out of her car at Pearl Highlands Shopping Center. Two angels, Steve and Jeannie Cahill of Makaha, came over and graciously offered to drive us back home to retrieve our extra set of keys.

We are so grateful for their kindness and feel extremely blessed by their caring and compassion.

Nancy Lee and Karyl Fujii

Dear Nancy,

Lucky for you this was exercise hour for the Cahills. “We were coming out of 24 Hour Fitness and saw them. They looked like they needed some assistance,” says Steven Cahill, pastor of Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Makaha.

“We asked if anyone was at home who could beep their car door through their cell phone, but no one was home, so we offered to drive to Aiea. We just wanted to help out.”

Aloha Pamela,

My husband and I were out for a walk on Pensacola near Wilder when I heard a bike approaching. I told my husband to watch out. We moved to single file and the young man slowed down, and as he passed us he said, “Thank you.” I was in such shock that a young person had manners enough to pause and thank us for making room on the pathway that I wasn’t able to utter, “You’re welcome.”

It is rare nowadays to come across many young people with manners or respect for others that I wanted to make sure that he knows how appreciated his behavior was and how proud I am of him. Your column gives me hope with all the heartwarming stories of kindness and of the young who do the right thing.

I really wish I could personally thank this young man for giving me hope that kindness is still bred into our society and not bred out of it.

J. Litsey

Dear J.,

The APPLAUSE goes to the parents, who serve as examples of courtesy and kindness to these thoughtful young people. And you and your husband should take some of the credit, since the young man was simply returning the respect that you showed him.

Dear Pamela,

My wife and I were driving west on H-1 approaching Pearl City when our front tire blew up. It was a brand-new tire, apparently defective. Luckily, we were in the right lane and worked our way to the shoulder lane. I was just starting to inspect the shredded tire when out of nowhere a state truck pulled up, and then another. Two employees from the state highway debris removal department were heading west and took their time to stop and help us by doing the actual jacking up and tire changes (including getting our spare tire more air!). Their names were Herman and Steven. Not only were they incredibly helpful in our emergency, but they also were great fun and cheerful. Their spirit of kokua was so appreciated.

Todd and Claire Nicely
Pearl City

Dear Todd and Claire, Your freeway angels were Herman Hatori and Steve Hoshino.

“We appreciate that the Nicelys took the time to write such a nice thank-you message,” says PIO Caroline Sluyter.

“Here at DOT we know that we have many talented and hardworking employees, but it is special when they are publicly recognized. Steve and Herman are in our Special Services Unit and part of our Hazard Debris crew. Their supervisor,

Michael Johnson, says this isn’t the first time they have gone out of their way to help stranded motorists. Both Steve and Herman are helpful, positive workers who have the true aloha spirit, and we are happy to have them as a part of our crew.”

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