Kindergarten Application Angst

I must preface this week’s column with a confession. I’m fighting through a minor case of writer’s block because I’m preoccupied with another writing assignment.

This is something completely foreign to me. This particular assignment has nothing to do with my day job as a news anchor and reporter at Hawaii News Now.

No, that’s second nature to me now. After two decades in the business, I can always think of something to say or write. No, this is something much more nerve-racking.

I’m talking about filling out kindergarten applications for my son.

I know just a few weeks ago I was talking about creating a collage for the start of his preschool.

This school year is barely off the ground, but already I’m up against deadlines for some of the most competitive private kindergartens.

This is not meant to take anything away from public schools. I know there are many wonderful public schools and teachers.

I just want to look at several options and see what’s the right fit for my son and family.

Not to mention the applications are due any day now.

Granted it’s been a while since I applied for college, but the second time around as a mom is much more stressful.

For many moms and dads, all the preparation, applications and interviews can become a second full-time job. There are many schools of thought on what you should and shouldn’t do. Some sign up their kids for every extracurricular activity so they seem well-rounded on their application.

Come to think of it, this does sound like applying for college! Others even hire private tutors to prep their child for the interviews. I say interviews plural because many parents apply to multiple schools.

I wouldn’t say I have a strategy per se. I have done homework on the various public school options in my neighborhood and a few private schools in town.

I don’t want to be one of those parents who stresses out her child about the importance of interviews or over-prepares him.

Hopefully, if I’ve done my job as a mom and his teachers at preschool have prepared him, he’ll pass through this process with flying colors anyway.

So, if you’ll excuse me, it’s back to the app. I think writing this column just gave me the pep talk I needed to put this whole process in perspective.