Kind Service To Da Maxx

Hello Pamela,

I purchased a very nice and unusual handbag from the new TJMaxx, but after showing it to my daughter she reminded me that I don’t need another big handbag. Meanwhile I had to withdraw $400 from the bank for an errand and put it in the TJMaxx handbag. The next day I returned the handbag, not thinking about the money inside. Three days later, I suddenly remembered everything. I called TJMaxx and asked for the manager, and this sweet young person, Ryan Bond, offered his assistance. I described the bag, which he found hanging with the rest of the displayed handbags. He couldn’t believe that the money was still inside the bag. Because of his honesty and kind assistance, I was able to get my money back. I want to thank him and the rest of the staff at TJMaxx for all their kindness, especially Ryan Bond.

Michelle Leonard

Dear Karyn,

“You are so right!” says Helen Matteson of Your Community Now. “We have young people from the schools volunteering every weekend with no fanfare. There is one thing they have in common. Their parents also volunteer.”

Dear Pamela,

Thanks to the drivers who are not talking on their cell phones (or texting) and are paying more attention on the roads and being courteous to pedestrians (in or out of crosswalks) by slowing down and giving them the right of way. It happened to us one night while crossing the street in Kalihi. Cars on both sides quickly slowed down and stopped, allowing us to cross even though we were still on the side of the roadway waiting for when it was safe. Thank you! I am in my 70s and can’t walk too fast! Thank you to all the safe drivers on the road!”

John Hong

Dear Michelle,

“Pretty cool,” says TJMaxx operations manager Ryan Bond. “I was shocked. That’s something I hadn’t seen in all my years in retail – the money was still in the bag after three days, especially that large an amount. We have thousands of customers come through every day, so it’s pretty neat.”

Aloha Pamela, I would like to alert readers to a sight maybe not often seen and probably less often reported on. A group of young guys working very hard, day after day, to repave the Makiki tennis and basketball courts. What is especially noteworthy is that they are doing this mostly manually, with no large industrial tools. I observed them one hot afternoon manually scraping the old pavement off the courts with nothing more than a scraper on a broom stick. Today they seemed to be putting the finishing touches to the last basketball court. The courts look beautiful! Much is said about the youths of our times and sadly much of it is negative. I commend these guys for a job well done.

Karyn Abe

Dear John,

Mahalo for your reminder on pedestrian safety. And a big round of APPLAUSE to First Insurance Company of Hawaii for launching its “Take the HI Road” campaign to bring more courtesy to driving in Hawaii, and setting up a “Share Your Thanks” Web page where drivers can share their stories.

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