Kimo’s Vegas


Boyd Gaming’s (front, from left) Robyn Cordova, Liz Damon, Brenda Palmer, Marianne Johnson, Natalie Tantleff (back) coach Riley Wallace, John Repetti, John Merrick, David Lebby, Bill Boyd and Bill Smith .David C. Livingston photo

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … The Player’s Edge!

YOU’D BE smilin’ too … Imagine living in Vegas and the boss says, “Let’s go to Hawaii for a few days, play some golf, hang with friends and throw a party or two.” That’s exactly what the folks at Boyd Gaming did, and that explains why they all look so happy (and tired).

IF YOU were in front of a TV Thanksgiving (or the replay Friday), you probably saw Garth Brooks, Live from Las Vegas. You were not alone – the special won the No. 1 spot both nights it aired and had 9.33 million viewers Friday. One-man shows are difficult to pull off, but this trip through the musical influences of his life was entertaining even for non-country music folks. It reminded me of the time I saw Mike Kaawa warming up for a gig at the Koolau Ballrooms playing classical and flamenco guitar. Eh, brah, you play any kine music? He said, “Yeah, I’m known for Hawaiian music but I love playing all kinds of music.” Who knew?

FANS ALSO will be excited to know that “The Big Man” brings his band to the Wynn Jan. 3 and 4 for “Garth Brooks: The Man, His Band and His Music.”

WHEN NEWS of 28 people being rushed to Vegas ER’s because of a mystery virus broke, the first thought on everyone in Hawaii’s mind was norovirus. In town for a four-day National Youth Football Championship, about 100 players, coaches and parents suffered from symptoms including nausea, vomiting and diarrhea that officials later attributed to the illness. This prompted the schools that hosted the games to do extra-thorough cleaning of the fields and restrooms prior to students returning to class.

POKER PLAYERS – 198 of them – had a lot to be thankful for when a Diamond Royal Flush was beaten by four Jacks. This triggered the Caesars Entertainment’s Mega Beat Progressive Poker Jackpot that awarded $766,951. The loser got $156,189, the winner $79,406, and everyone seated at a poker table in the empire got $2,711 just for being in the right place at the right time.

FOR THE GUY who has everything … Give the gift of Pacquiao. After his unanimous decision over Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios last week, The People’s Champ will be looking for a fight in Las Vegas April 12, 2014.

A LOT OF unusual things happen in Vegas, like the guy whose buddy bet him $100K he wouldn’t get and keep breast implants for a year. He could have just waited for Mother Nature to bestow them naturally, but where’s the fun in that? … But did you hear about Mark Parisi, who is participating in a medical trial where he will be trading in one of his real ones for an artificial one on an upcoming episode of Extreme Cheapskates? Whadaya think? Is he nuts for selling one of the family jewels for $35,000?