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Delia Villanueva of Waialua. Photo from Boyd Gaming

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … The Player’s Edge!

DON’T I KNOW YOU? Delia Villanueva of Waialua hit three wilds in a row on the $5 Red-White-Blue slot – that’s a $25,000 payday every day of the week. When asked what she was going to do with her winnings, she said, “I’m going to share it with everyone I know.” OK, I completely fabricated that last part, but congrats on your super win! BTW, the Fremont called and said they want their money back LOL.

JAMES ROCHE AND Tony Silva have been making local-style comedy for more than 15 years. And, for the first time ever, they are taking their act to Vegas. Check out the “Bulls of Comedy” with Da Bruddahs and (Uncle) Mel Cabang Nov 1. Tickets are on sale at the California Hotel or call (702) 604-9438. Of course, customers of Oceanic Cable can see their latest show every Sunday night on OC16.

EATBYDATE.COM IS a website dedicated to answering the question: How long does food really last? According to the website, it can be significantly longer than the date on the package. (Disclaimer: We here at MidWeek do not endorse the recommendations of the website.) Eggs are good for an additional two months before they go foul (or is that fowl?). Canned tuna is still good nine-12 months after the expiration date, or as my great-grandfather Confucius Akane used to say, “If it smells like the ocean, it’s good to go. If it smells like fish, open another can.” Why am I mentioning this website, potentially stepping on the territory of fellow MidWeek columnist Click Chick? Food is expensive, and throwing it away before its time can easily pay for a visit to my favorite city. Yes, I have been known to eat stuff after the drop-dead date … Please don’t send me your outdated goods. I have plenty of my own …

THE LIST OF FOLKS who are not allowed into a Nevada casino are on the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s “Black Book.” Its actual name is “Nevada’s Excluded Person List” and it contains 33 names (one is a woman).

HE SAID, (S)HE SAID … The owner of Neonopolis says the owner of Krave owes him more than $223,000. The nightclub owner says his landlord didn’t fulfill his end of the deal. The Department of Taxation says he (the night club guy) owes it more than $700,000 … The city council says no more liquor license (for the club), making Krave Massive in Downtown seven out.

ALSO OUT OF BIZ, The Act – that’s the nightclub where simulated (or not) deeds of the dark violated its deed with landlord the Palazzo, according to a Las Vegas judge. Maybe they should call the guy who owns the Neonopolis. I hear he has an opening.

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