Kimo’s Vegas – 7/24/13

These nine will make some money in November. Photo by Joe Giron

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … The Player’s Edge!

LOOK VERY CLOSELY… One of these guys will be $8,359,531 richer in November when the World Series of Poker crowns its champion. This year there were 6,352 players from 83 nations in the field – including 298 women. The last lady standing is Jackie Glazier from Melbourne, Australia, who cashed at $229,281 in 31st place. Congrats to John Crisostomo of Waipahu, who finished 229th with $37,019 and Blake Yamada of Maui, who finished 467 with $24,480 for representing the 808.

DIF TOR HEH SMUSMA … Even Gene Roddenberry, the original Trekie, could not have predicted how true the Vulcan saying “Live long and prosper” would ring on his creation. The franchise that began in 1964 debuted in ’66 got cancelled three seasons later and became a body of work totaling 726 episodes and 12 feature films, with even more movies planned for our future. But true believers don’t wait for films – they pack uniforms and costumes of their favorite characters and beam to Las Vegas for the 12th annual Star Trek Convention. This year, beginning Aug. 8., more than 80 celebrity guests, including William Shatner, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, George Takei and Nana Visitor, join fans at the Rio …

SEVENTEEN DAYS after closing, Cirque du Soleil has reopened KA. Fans will note that the aerial battle scene that used to end the show has been replaced after the accident that caused the death of Sarah Guillot-Guyard.

TIME TO CALL your casino host … The iHeartRadio music festival is happening at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and has become one of the city’s tougher comps. Headlining Sept. 20 are Katy Perry, Queen, Elton John and Keith Urban, then Saturday, Justin Timberlake, Tim McGraw, Bruno Mars and more.

THE 36TH anniversary of Elvis’ death is Aug 16.

NOW OPEN, the largest non-nightclub restaurant in Las Vegas, Carmine’s (as the name suggests) is an Italian place imported from Upper Manhattan with family in the Bahamas, D.C. and Atlantic City. No need to come hungry – you’ll work up an appetite walking to your table in the 27,000-square-foot establishment. OK, I’m exaggerating, some because the eatery is split level. It is, however, located in the vast empire known as the Caesars Palace Forum Shops.

THE KAHUKU High School Class of 1971 is celebrating their 60th birthday bash Oct. 1-6 in Las Vegas.

The more the merrier, and they have an open invite extended to the classes of ’69 and ’70. Get ahold of Puanani Nawahine at or Lynn Padeken Gillespie at

COMBINED JACKPOT: Congratulations to Brian Araki of Kailua, who won $5,131; Janet Phillips of Hilo on her score of $6,890, and Josephine Chargualaf of Wahiawa, who won $16,615 at the Fremont.

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