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Eric and Sue Wiebusch. Photo from Kimo Akane

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas… the Players Edge!

LADIES ALL OVER the World are falling in love with Eric Wiebusch after what he did for his wife, Sue. To create her special moment he amassed more than 1 million points playing the MGM’s free myVEGAS slot machine on Facebook. Then he cashed in those points to “Pick the Fountains of Bellagio Songs” to commemorate her 60th birthday. They celebrated her fountain show from their “prime” seats on Prime Steakhouse’s lakeside patio at the Bellagio. BTW, the Fountains at the Bellagio has just been named Trip Advisor’s best landmark.

VACATIONS HAWAII STILL has some five- and seven-night packages available to support the University of Hawaii vs. UNLV Oct. 12. Check out all the festivities, including the live ESPN Radio broadcasts of The Bobby Curran Show, sports animals Chris Hart & Gary Dickman and the always-huge UHAA Warrior Bash at the Cal on Friday…

THE FREMONT STREET Experience kicks it up a notch with “Lion Fight 11.” The first-ever live, internationally televised sporting event from under the canopy will feature the biggest names in Muay Thai fighting. Japanese world champion Tetsuya Yamato will fight American superstar Kevin Ross in the main event, broadcast on AXS, Mark Cuban’s cable TV network (he’s the NBA Dallas Mavericks owner). Look for the action Sept. 20 in front of “the D.” Didja know the Thai government banned the martial art in the 1920s because of injuries and deaths, but reinstated it in the ’30s after the sport adopted the Marquees of Queensbury rules.

A LOTTA THINGS happen in Vegas – including some odder stuff like the Rubik’s Cube World Championships. My son (who’s celebrating his birthday this week) loved to solve these things and this was a good thing because we had quite a few lying around the Akane homestead that had not seen their original state in a couple of decades. Who knew there was a world wide association that holds competitions all over the globe, including Hanoi, Istanbul, Gernika and Guangzhou? They have quite a few variations on the theme, including single-handed, blindfolded and underwater cubing. This year Feliks Zemdegs of Australia took the world title with an average time of 8.18 seconds! This guy can solve Erno Rubik’s three-dimensional puzzles faster than I can decide what kine plate lunch I like eat.

ANOTHER VEGAS ODDITY: The National Cannabis Industry Association’s Southwest CannaBusiness Symposium was held in Las Vegas last week … hmmm, wonder what kind of swag they had in the goody bags?

MAKING A: DONNY Osmond tore his gluteus maximus jumping onto a piano during the “Donnie & Marie” show at the Flamingo.

SOMETHING TO THINK about the next time you put a couple of Andrew Jacksons in a slot machine: By law, $40 is the monthly maximum an employee of the Cuban government can be paid.

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