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Charlie Palmer and his angels. Photo fromKimo Akane

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … The Player’s Edge!

A “WINE ANGEL” is the nimble muse who flies through a climate-controlled four-story wine tower on cables in search of the bottle of vino you selected from a touchpad. With more than 10,000 bottles from 3,000 different vintages, it’s a no-brainer that Aureole in the Mandalay Bay consistently wins Wine Spectator‘s Grand Award … If you get lucky at the tables, may we suggest the $4,500 ’61 Chateau Petrus?

If you haven’t been, you may not realize that (Chef) Charlie’s (Palmers) Angels have turned in their jump-suits for a two-piece adorned with more than 100 LEDs. A “Wine Bum” is your buddy who always helps you drink a bottle but never buys one.

WHAT DOES ONE have to do to get barred from a Las Vegas establishment for life? In a city where celebrities acting like spoiled brats are a regular occurrence, it takes a lot more than bad behavior, trashing restrooms and routine rudeness to be “barred” and even worse to earn a “forever.” The single act that will get you universally banned from just about every business is to walk out without paying your bill. A couple of weeks ago, Justin Bieber brought his posse to play at Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving. After racking up a $1,600 tab, the singer agreed to an Instagram post as payment, but then left without making the post and even worse, without tipping the staff, who hung out after hours for their private party.

$350 MILLION IS how much MGM official’s estimate it’ll cost to build a new arena. The 20,000-seat venue between Las Vegas Boulevard and Frank Sinatra Drive (behind the Monte Carlo and New York-New York) is expected to be pau by 2016.

FOR $529,000 you can live in the mansion once owned by Liberace. What kind of crib does that kind of coin buy? An almost 15,000-square-foot two-bedroom home with 10 bathrooms and a $1.6 million dollar reproduction of Michaelangelo’s nifty brush-work at the Sistine Chapel.

THE HILTON LAKE Las Vegas Resort & Spa is the new name of the Ritz Carlton that later became Lake Las Vegas’ Ravella.

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