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Eli Manning. Photo from Kimo Akane

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DIDJA HEAR ABOUT the guy who bet $1,000 that the first score in Super Bowl XLVI would be a Giants safety? Not only did his first bet on the big game come true in a big way, but he donated the entire $50,000 (less taxes) to charity. The Giants defensive line gets to choose who gets 10 percent of the win and 10 percent goes to the charity of Tom Brady’s choice. The remainder will be donated to charities that fight poverty and hunger.

VEGAS MATH … The 184 Las Vegas sports books reportedly took $93,889,840 in bets on this year’s Super Bowl. After the failed Hail Mary pass, they won a total of $5,064,470. Experts believe the game will generate another $98 million or so in non-gaming revenue.

THE RODNEY DANGERFIELD (get no respect) of the NFL: The Giants are a 2.5 underdog if the big game were to be played next week. RJ Bell reports the early odds on the 2013 Super Bowl are Packers: 5 to 1; Saints: 6 to 1; Patriots: 8 to 1; Steelers: 12 to 1; Eagles: 12 to 1; Ravens: 12 to 1; Texans: 15 to 1; Chargers 15 to 1; Giants: 16 to 1; 49ers: 20 to 1; Cowboys: 20 to 1; Jets: 20 to 1; Falcons: 20 to 1; and Lions: 20 to 1.

THAT’S A BIG number … Guinness (the world’s record guys) says that Madonna has sold more than 300 million records worldwide a statistic that qualifies her to be the all-time biggest-selling female artist ever. Tickets to see the MDNA Oct. 13 world tour Vegas stop go on sale Feb. 27 for up to $343 plus fees.

THE 43RD ANNUAL World Series of Poker is expected to be the biggest ever. The October nine doesn’t have the same alliteration as the November Nine … The final table will be held Oct. 28-30 to accommodate this year’s election.

ACCORDING TO the Homelessness Research Institute, Honolulu has the fifth highest rate of homelessness in the nation, Las Vegas is fourth, then Fresno, New Orleans and the Tampa area is numero uno, proving that it’s better to be homeless and warm than not.

MANY FOLKS WOULD like to see Justin Bieber get waxed, and now they can. Madame Tussaud’s has unveiled the pop icon’s homage as only she can do, and you don’t have to worry about a bodyguard punching you out.

CHURCH OF THE poison mind … Otis Holland was deported from Mexico after he was the subject of America’s Most Wanted. The Las Vegas pastor is charged with 11 counts of sexual assault with victims under the age of 16.

KIMO’S VEGAS TRIVIA … The king of all table games is Baccarat. The house makes about 12 percent, but the casinos’ monthly win can vary between 3.6 and 19.5.

THE FINAL NOTES at Studio 54 were played the same as the first.

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