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WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas… the Players Edge!

CONGRATS TO the World Series of Poker’s final table “the Octo Nine.” While not quite as alliterative as last year’s November Nine… but who cares about the metrical structure of such prose when an $8.5 million purse and the title of World Champion is at stake? Speakin’ of money and titles, ever wonder why October is the 10th month when it so clearly refers to the numeral 8? Well, nowadays you know you’re a heavy when they put your name on a street or your face on some currency or have a national holiday in your honor. But back in the day you were “the man” if you had a month named after yourself and changed time for all men forever after. When Julius Caesar adopted the 365-day calendar back in 45 B.C. he added the months July and August – think Julius and Augustus… “Long Live Caesar!”

COMING SOON to the Las Vegas Strip … the largest sign ever built. We’re not talking double or triple your standard-size road sign but a full blown super-mega-huge-enormous-immense-vast, larger in size than an entire football field sign. Not only does it have regular billboards pondering the question, “Does size really matter?” but the 18,000-square-foot display is high definition and will also interact with the phone in your pocket. Wonder if it will take requests? And can you imagine the video of the girl eating the deep fried Twinkie on this monster?

LAS VEGAS is also home to another record breaker – the world’s largest building built from bottles. Over 500,000 recycled beer bottles were used to build “The Morrow Royal Pavilion”… 499,999 bottles on the wall, take one down and pass it around, 499,998 bottles of beer on the wall …

THE RESIDENTS of Queens protested that a casino in their neighborhood would lead to a crime wave. Be careful what you wish for… in nine months the local constables have arrested 41 people for punching out slot machines.

$1.5 MILLION – that’s how much a Detroit man withdrew from his Bank of America checking account. A jackpot when you consider that his starting balance was only a couple of hundred dollars. The bank says a rare error allowed him to withdraw an unlimited amount of cash over 15 days. Too bad he gambled it all away at three Detroit casinos … wonder what kind of comps he got for that?

YOU TOO can fulfill a childhood dream of becoming an astronaut with the next big thing in travel … space tourism. Virgin big guy Richard Branson says his company Virgin Galactic expects to begin sending folks into the atmosphere as early as December 2013. You may need a Megabucks-like bounty to board the two-hour sub-orbital flight – tickets will cost $200,000 per person.