Kimo’s Vegas

Flamingo (from left) casino shift manager Bobby Harris, Dennis, Heather and Margaret Hart, and vice president of table games Mark Kelly. Photo from Kimo Akane

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … the Player’s Edge!

DENNIS HART GAVE everyone at the Flamingo table a Barney ($500 purple chip) and barato’d the dealer $20,000 when he joined the short list of folks who have hit the Three Card Poker, Six Card Bonus. He’s the second person in Nevada and the fourth person in the world to know that diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend. The six-card Super Royal Flush makes the holder an instant millionaire.

AS YOU MIGHT GUESS, the chips in every Las Vegas casino are by design unique to that property. But did you know that only in Vegas are casinos allowed to take another casino’s chips (even if they are not owned by the same company) … Did you know that every casino must have enough cash on hand to pay for every chip in circulation, and that every casino is required to have an alternate set of unique chips?

AT THE BELLAGIO, a couple of guys had the not so bright idea to rip off the casino. One guy shot the dealer and other players with a caustic spray while his partner grabbed 23 high-denomination chips from the blackjack table. Casino employees quickly tackled the dummy with the chips … Wonder where he expected to cash in those $5,000 chips?

A CHINESE-BORN Southern California resident is accused of scamming Strip casinos out of millions of dollars. He recruited people to open bank accounts and then apply for a line of casino credit. Then they took markers and “rolled the chips” … pretending to lose but pocketing and transferring the chips. When the casinos went to cash the markers, the accounts were closed.

AT THE CAL, Magno Oasay of Waipahu and Priscilla Molina of Honolulu each won $10,000 on the slots!

AT THE BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS in Vegas … Regulators are examining security video to verify if Bobby Kristina (Whitney Houston’s daughter) was playing slots at the MGM … Miley Cyrus looked like she lost her pants (and her shirt) in the casino … At 19, the casino is off limits to both girls.

GOING LARGE … Bill Plise told the Las Vegas Bankruptcy Court that he owes $506.5 million and only has assets totaling $4,738.

MASH UP Grumpy Old Men and Hangover and you might get a flick called Last Vegas. It’s about three guys – Morgan Freeman, Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken – who throw a bachelor party for their single, never married buddy Michael Douglas in Sin City. Movies can take an eternity to go from pitch to picture, but this one is supposed to begin filming in the fall.

NEW VEGAS TV this fall on CBS … Vegas, a 1960s-based drama on Ralph Lambs, a real-life sheriff, and his fight with the mob for Las Vegas, starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis.