Kimo’s Vegas – 12/25/13

Megabucks winner Mark Hodos. Photo courtesy IGT

Megabucks winner Mark Hodos. Photo courtesy IGT

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EVERYONE KNOWS that once the Megabucks progressive slot hits, it takes a while before the slot-machine gods crown another multimillion-dollar winner. Last month, the 24th Megabucks winner hit a $12,463,147.70 jackpot at the MGM Grand. Last week, the game that promises to change your life hit again, making movie producer Mark Hodos $10,337,640.37 richer. Forget everything you thought you knew about slot machines … Twice in two months and back-to-back at the same casino? What are the odds?

After hearing this news many people have tried their hand at online slot machines to better their chances of winning by playing wherever and whenever they want. Many people are hopeful they’ll get some luck and have their lives changed dramatically with the cash prizes they could win.

CAN YOU hear me now? Since the Federal Communications Commission ruled that there were no technical reasons preventing cell phone use on airplanes, plenty folks got all huhu at the possibility. The Association of Flight Attendants, which reps about 60,000 flight attendants on 19 airlines, said it is opposed to it. Delta Airlines said no way, no how are they ever gonna allow cell phone calls on their flights. Some congressmen have written legislation voicing their contempt for the idea. The Department of Transportation is threatening its own ban on cell calls on airplanes in “fairness to consumers.” And the Associated Press said that three out of four frequent fliers they surveyed were against it as well.

WHAT WERE they thinking? Here’s some of the stuff TSA officers have confiscated from passengers: black powder, pistol parts hidden in a sock monkey, and the plastic explosive C-4. What’s frightening about this list is they all were found in carry-on luggage, and the thing that goes boom was found at Honolulu International Airport.

IF YOU’VE always dreamed of being inside a snow globe, the Bellagio is making your dreams come true. In addition to being the home of the world’s largest indoor Christmas tree at 42-by-8 feet (6,800 pounds) – and a mouth-watering personal favorite, the full-size chocolate house that weighs 1,600 pounds – you’ll also find a walk-through snow globe under the guard of four toy soldiers. Bellagio Conservatory is open 24/7 … I wonder if they need help disposing of/eating the full-size chocolate house when they swap displays on Jan. 5?

THE BATTLE of the Blondes … Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residency debuts Dec. 27 at Planet Hollywood. On the same eve, Miley Cyrus is hosting the opening of Beacher’s Madhouse at the MGM Grand.

A COUPLE of issues ago, The New Yorker interviewed top music producer Dr. Luke. In it, he recalls a bet he made with Ms. Miley after finishing production on Wrecking Ball. He told her it wasn’t good enough to be No. 1 – she disagreed, and he bet her a Numi toilet that he was right. The story has a happy ending for the singer – she’ll get the latest in flushing technology, the most technologically inspired experience in personal convenience … it automatically opens and closes, has ambient lighting, speakers, an FM radio, Bluetooth and much more. For $10,000, it also should make a good Italian BMT.

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