Local jewelry company [ki*ele] kicks off its fifth anniversary with a sneak preview of the spring/summer Aloha Hawaii 2013 collection at a trunkshow at Nordstrom Jan. 26 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“The Aloha Hawaii collection introduces original [ki*ele] gold and silver-dipped sea charms in fun hoops and earrings, plus dainty, layerable necklaces,” says designer/owner Marylea Conrad (pictured above). “Also, new resin jewelry pieces that are great to break-up the metal look of the beach bangles.”


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Giji Galang photo

Conrad, who was born and raised in Australia and moved to Hawaii after college nine years ago, earned a bachelor of design degree in fashion & textile design at the University of Technology in Sydney. In 2008, she launched [ki*ele] which is named after her youngest daughter and features Hawaii-inspired jewelry, specifically resonating the sea and shell life in Hawaii.

All handmade in Hawaii, [ki*ele] is known for its quality, affordability and versatility, and beautiful assortment of hammered beach bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces in sterling silver and 14K gold-filled, as well as dainty sea-themed necklaces with starfish, seahorse and other Hawaiian sea creature motifs. There also are dainty anklets, and hammered initial/personalized jewelry.

“[ki*ele] is a brand strongly attached to Hawaii,” adds Conrad, who also has an older daughter named Melia. “Growing up, you can ask my parents that THE ONLY place I wanted to visit each year was Hawaii! I was always brought back to the Islands. My husband was brought to the Islands, too, from California, and now my children are ‘of’ the Islands. Each week we frequent the beach and breathe in the fresh salty air and soak in the ‘aina that surrounds us.

“There is a deeper root in the design and business side of the brand; it’s the complete love affair with Hawaii, specifically: Hawaii’s beach, shells and sea.”

On Oahu, [ki*ele] can be found at Nordstrom, Red Bamboo in Kailua, GreenRoom Hawaii Waikiki and Nohea Gallery at Ward Warehouse. There also is Kiki Beach by [ki*ele], an affordable, youth fashion jewelry beach line released last summer and available at T&C Surf Designs and Honolua Surf Co.

Also, just in time for Valentine’s Day, [ki*ele] will launch its 2013 Aloha Hawaii website Feb. 7 featuring more exciting pieces. For more information, visit or call 561-5691.