Keiki Athletes

Send pictures of your young sports stars to Please provide first and last names of athletes pictured, their ages, the communities they’re from and any information about the event or league they’re participating in.

Jackson Harris, a sixth-grader at Mililani Middle School, passes another runner at the finish line during the boys individual 800-meter race at Leileihua High School stadium May 1. Jason M. Harris photo

James Taras of Hawaiian Lions takes a short jump shot as Hi Level’s Mike Galiza defends in a 39-32 Lions victory May 28 at Kīlauea Gym.

Young soccer stars from FC Hawai‘i celebrate the end of a great season, and surprise their coach, Karli Look, with lei for graduating with her master’s degree in business from University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.

Hi Level’s Brevin Hafalia drives the ball up court in a game against Hawaiian Lions at Kīlauea Gym.