Karen Carlen Wins A $250 Spree At Food Pantry

On Thursday, Karen Carlen decided to get lunch at the Food Pantry in Waikiki. As she made her purchase at 1:45 p.m., MidWeek‘s representative approached Karen with a simple question. She answered correctly and instantly won a $250 Food Pantry shopping spree.

“I like shopping at the Food Pantry because the employees will go out of their way to help you,” said this week’s Mystery Shopper, a retired labor union representative. “Employees such as Douglas, who always says, ‘Hello, anything you need just let me know.'”

Karen was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Hawaii six years ago. She lives in Waikiki and spends her free time taking classes at UH in ethnic studies, and volunteering for family court as a court-appointed special advocate.

She also likes to read MidWeek.

“No. 1 is the advertisements,” she said. “Secondly is all the columns I can only find in MidWeek, and the community interest articles.”