Kapolei Writer Publishes Second Book, Launches Magazine

UHWO graduate Momi Robins-Makaila knows books' healing powers. Photo from Momi Robins-Makaila.

UHWO graduate Momi Robins-Makaila knows books’ healing powers. Photo from Momi Robins-Makaila.

Momi Robins-Makaila’s first book, Candy Canes and Coke, outlined her journey from her son’s drug addiction and living in an abusive relationship to personal freedom and happiness. When she finished it, the Kapolei resident recalled feeling that something was missing from the book.

“It started the healing process, but that wasn’t the answer,” said Robins-Makaila, who graduated from University of Hawaii at West Oahu.

Soon after completing her book, she attended her 20-year high school reunion, where she met Tad Keola Makaila, a former classmate who later became her husband.

The two married and moved to Arizona, where she began writing her second book, Rescued By A God I Didn’t Know, which continues her voyage through past hardships. (It’s available on Amazon for $6.99 Kindle or $11.41 paperback.)

“The mantra of the book is that when we embrace our struggles with honesty and without fear, we can transform into better versions of ourselves every day.”

The book is a story of how she believes that God made her stronger through struggles and tribulations.

“Each chapter that I wrote describes a way that I’ve come to know God and build a relationship with Him,” Robins-Makaila said. “If you look at my life now and what it was three-and-a-half years ago, you wouldn’t believe it’s the same person. I’m a better woman, a better mother and a better wife, and I’m understanding every day what my role is here on earth.”

She hopes that her journey will help others to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Also in the works is a magazine for Waianae, slated to hit the coast in August or September. Na Pua O Wai’anae is meant to celebrate things happening in the community.

“Other people need to know that we’re not what the stereotype is,” explained Robins-Makaila, who was born and raised in Waianae.

Before moving to Arizona, she also taught math for 10 years at Waianae Intermediate, and she’s excited to resume teaching there again soon.

“I’m also a motivational speaker,” she added. “I like to speak about education and relationships and spirituality.”

It has been a tough journey, but Robins-Makaila wouldn’t trade her experiences for anything. “I know I’m not perfect, and I know I make mistakes every day. I don’t have to be ashamed of who I am and the mistakes I make.”

For more details, visit momirobins-makaila.org .