Kapolei Art Program Offers Creative Outlet For Keiki, Adults

A class from KidzArt Kapolei shows off their artwork. Photo courtesy KidzArt Kapolei.

A class from KidzArt Kapolei shows off their artwork. Photo courtesy KidzArt Kapolei.

After four years of serving in the U.S. Air Force, Narcisa Johnson recently established KidzArt in Kapolei to help budding artists develop their skills.

Targeted primarily toward children, KidzArt Kapolei launched in October with help from its international parent company, which provides a no-fee franchise to qualified military veterans.

“I (chose) KidzArt because it brings out the creativity not only in a child, but in adults, to do something that he/she (does-n’t) think they are capable of doing,” Johnson explained.

Sessions are led by cer tified instructors, and all materials are provided.

A portable classroom, KidzArt can travel to schools or other locations to teach courses. As part of its community service effort, according to the website, KidzArt also offers free in-school field trips to increase overall participation.

“(It) gives them the opportunity to work with high quality art materials that are not always readily available to them through traditional art education programs,” said Johnson.

Classes accommodate children as young as preschoolers. KidzArt also offers birthday parties and has future plans to conduct a summer camp.

Palette Up classes are available for adults, and a SeniorzArt program enables those in assisted living facilties to engage in a creative activity.

“One of the reasons I chose Kapolei to begin providing programs is because Kapolei is flourishing,” she said. “The communities are expanding and with that, an influx of youths are needing more outlets to have an opportunity to expand their creativeness.”

She hopes to expand the program to surrounding Leeward locations.

In the meantime, Johnson, currently a member of National Arts Education Association, believes in the program’s ability to unleash potential and affect a person in more than one way.

“Art is fun and there are many ways which it can be expressed,” she said. “Through art, many life skills can be learned and carried on into daily life activities.”

For more information, visit kapolei.kidzart.com.