Kaiser Helps In Relief Effort

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii recently donated $50,000 to the Filipino Community Center in Waipahu to benefit the Aloha for Philippines relief effort on behalf of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

“The devastation in the Philippines is profound, and our hearts and prayers go out to the victims,” stated Kaiser chief administrative officer Jason Hall.

“Many of our employees and members have family and friends in the affected areas, and we remain mindful of the challenges they continue to face as they recover from this terrible tragedy. We hope this contribution will help them rebuild and lift their spirits during a difficult time.”

In total, the donation will have a $100,000 impact, as the Consuelo Foundation has agreed to match contributions donated to FilCom up to $2 million.

More than 250 Kaiser employees from across the country travelled to the Philippines in the days after the storm to provide care to victims. Nationally, Kaiser has pledged $1 million to help with relief efforts.