Kaimuki Raising The Bar For Friday Nights

East Oahu residents now can look forward to celebrating a family friendly event each month with the launching of Third Fridays Kaimuki on Sept. 21.

Joseph I. Rosales aka D.J. Seph1 and April Graves at the Mod Vintage store in Kaimuki during the inaugural Third Fridays Kaimuki festival Sept. 21. Shop owner Silbana Alfonso is the spark behind the new monthly festival, which brings everyone back Oct. 19. Tony Grillo photo.

From 5 to 9 p.m. the gathering features food tasting, shopping, sampling, music and an art viewing, all in the historic neighborhood that has long been known for its family-owned businesses, traditional and progressive shops, farmers markets, eateries, theater, bakeries and restaurants.

“The Kaimuki community is growing, and it’s a community that’s been here for a long time,” said coordinator Silvana Alfonso. “The community is already here, we’re just trying to create an ‘ourness.’”

Establishments bordering Koko Head Avenue to 8th Avenue will open their doors to the public to offer free samples to “promote and showcase the offerings of this thriving neighborhood.”

Visitors also can take in various activities at the shops, such as live music, visual arts, fashions and a special passport card. Shoppers can get the passport card stamped by five different participating merchants or a free gift while supplies last. Some of participating stores are Drift (fashion and food), Leahi Health Beverages (live jazz and smoothies) and Hi Tech Glass (live glass blowing from in-house artists).

“It’s interesting how each venue is different,” noted Alfonso, who owns Mod Vintage. She liked seeing people in the neighborhood come out with their families to meet and talk.

“Every month we want to bring something new, and we will also try to expand little by little,” Alfonso said. “We want to be creative and try to make it as entertaining as possible.”

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